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So I've tried and tested a fair few beauty products in my time but nothing gets as rigorously tested as the mascaras I buy. I have very short lashes and teeny tiny eyes so most days I rely on a good mascara to give me a boost in confidence. Today, despite the slightly misleading photograph, I'm going to talk about just two of the best mascaras I've ever used!

Too Faced Better Than Sex - I've talked about this before and I'll no doubt talk about it again. This absolute beauty of a product was a complete impulse buy whilst I was on holiday last year. I opted for the travel sized version as it was half the price of the regular size and I've never looked back.

The Better Than Sex Mascara is a little bit pricey, coming in at £19 for just 8g of product however, I do find this lasts a while. I know you should replace a mascara every 3 months blah blah whatever but I got a good 6 months out of my travel sized version. 

I've written a full review of this baby before so you can read that here, but the main things I love about this product is; the solution - quite thick but not at all clumpy, the brush bristles which really fan out my lashes, and the cute pink packaging. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational - I don't think I've ever done a full review of this product before but it sure as hell deserves one. I've been using this mascara ever since someone pointed out that its basically a dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash - another fab mascara that didn't quite make it into my top two. It virtually does the same job but at a much cheaper price.

Whereas the Roller Lash is a pretty pricey £19.50 this little beauty retails at just £7.99 saving you over £10 to spend on more beauty goodies. In all honesty this is the best budget mascara I've ever used and I'm really surprised more people don't rave about it. 

To sum this product up, the solution is fab and only improves once it dries out a little, the brush really lifts and curls your lashes however it doesn't fan them out, and the price is just fantastic. This product delivers high end quality at a fraction of what you would usually pay. 

These products are honestly the best mascaras I've ever tried, and believe me I've got through a few. Although you can't really compare the two as they do different things, for me Better Than Sex Takes the gold here as it gives me an effortless false lash effect. If you're on a budget however, you really can't go wrong with Lash Sensational.

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Have you tried any of these products before? I've love to hear about your favourite mascara!

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