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Last May me and my family went on a little holiday to the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece. I didn't really talk about it on here as I had so much college work to do when I got back but I finally got around to sorting out my photos. I've decided instead of telling you all about my trip, I would just talk about the 4 things you have to do while you're visiting!

Ancient Kamiros - We travelled here on our last day in Rhodes as a bit of a spur of the moment thing. We were running out of ideas and as we had a late night flight we really needed something to do. Probably around 10pm the night before I was flicking through my guide book and happened upon a page all about Kamiros. It looked amazing and as far as I can remember students got in for free so we hired the car for one last day and headed off to visit the ruins.

Ancient Kamiros has been called 'the Pompeii of Greece' and while it's not really as big, it's definitely impressive. I will mention that there is very little information on site so it's worth doing your own research beforehand or picking up a guide book. The place is also full to the brim with harmless lizards which will happily sunbathe the day away. I'm so glad we chose to spend our last few hours in Rhodes here as I really haven't seen anything like it before. 

Go Snorkling - I'm a proper little water baby; there's nothing I love more than spending my holiday splashing about in the ocean. You'll never catch me in the pool and there's only really one reason for that, there are no fish in them! Grab some goggles and a snorkle too if you struggle to hold your breath and get in that ocean! All of the beaches we went to that week were jam packed with wildlife that you just won't see over here in the UK. If you take some bread in with you too, you'll soon have tropical fish swimming all around you.

Acropolis of Rhodes - Ruins are kind of my thing. I love wandering around a good ancient structure, so this place was always going to make my bucket list. Although the Temple of Apollo seemed to be under repairs when we visited last year, that still didn't take away from the overall impact of the site.

This place is a little tricky to find and you will probably need a car to get here - even if you are staying in Rhodes town. The car park isn't very well sign posted and it's quite a walk from there too but honestly it's worth it. Below the temple is a large theatre and sports stadium and beyond that is a large grassy area with bricks strewn about. Similar to Kamiros, there is little to no information available here so keep your guidebook handy!  

Village Of Lindos - I've probably saved the best until last. The Village of Lindos honestly has my heart. This place is the Greek equivalent to an English chocolate box village in the cotswolds. It is completely unruined by anything modern, so be prepared for a lot of walking unless you fancy taking a donkey taxi that is. A word of warning, we did take a donkey taxi and honestly we regretted it immediately - they don't seem to be treated all that well.

While you're here I would recommend a quick look in The Church of the Panagia. The craftsmanship that went into creating this little place is incredible. Another quick warning for the ladies, you will be asked to cover up your shoulders and legs, which may mean like me you have to wear two awkwardly sized blankets around you in 40 degree heat. Lindos beach is also well worth a visit to relax after a day of walking around the tiny winding streets.

So those were the 4 things I think you absolutely must do while you are on holiday in Rhodes! There's so much to do there really and honestly I would recommend hiring a car if you can get one. The island is quite big and you can get a car from €25 a day which I think is fab!

Will you be jetting off anywhere nice this summer?

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