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Just a really quick post today about a product I'm absolutely loving right now! Way back in August when I was treated to a gorgeous hotel room for my birthday, I may have stolen a load of mini toiletries. Okay so I did definitely steal them, but it was well worth it - these Arran Aromatics bath gels smell unreal and I wasn't going home without them!


I picked up a load of mini Arran Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Gels because I enjoyed bathing with it so much in our hotel. I know you can buy full sized versions of these on their website so I thought they were worth writing about in case anyone was thinking of purchasing them.

So I'm going to start with their scent. You all probably know by now just how much I love pretty smelling products. If I use it chances are it smells amazing and that's exactly the case with these little beauties. They smell incredible and even more so when poured into a steaming hot bath. For anyone whos into strong floral scents these are definitely a must have.

Pouring a bottle of Arran Aromatics Lavender & tea gel into the bath

Another good point is how much they bubble up. For such a small products you get a hell of a lot of bubbles out of it, although I always use about 2 minis per bath as I want a boat load of bubbles when I'm relaxing. Some would say that's excessive, but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right! Right?

The last thing I want to mention is that they seem to be pretty good with sensitive skin. I suffer quite badly with eczema on various parts of my body and some bubble baths and shower gels can make this flair up. Well I've used these several times now and so far I haven't had any problems with it so that's always a good sign.

the bubbles in the bubble bath

I'm still working my way through my miniatures but I'm sure when I run out of those I'll be popping the full sized version on my Christmas list!

Have you tried any of the Arran Aromatics range out? If not, why not? This stuff smells bloody amazing!

Thanks for reading!

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