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So last time we were in London me and Sean really wanted to go out for a proper meal. We usually end up in Weatherspoons or run out of time and have to grab a maccies on our way home, but this time we made sure we ate somewhere nice. Well where better to go than a Forrest Gump themed restaurant?!

Bubba Bumps is actually a sea food restaurant that specializes in shrimp dishes (obviously). Me and Sean don't actually like shrimp or any sea food for that matter but we do like Forrest Gump and we really wanted to eat here.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
13 Coventry Street 
W1D 7Ab

A sign that reads' Run Forrest Run'
Looking at the menus at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co London
A closer look at the menus

On arrival we were promptly seated and told to flip over the 'Run Forest Run' sign to 'Stop Forest Stop' when we were ready or order. We'd looked at the menu beforehand so didn't take all that long in deciding what to eat. We each opted for the All American Burger with extra cheese BBQ sauce and onions although I was tempted by the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. 

When our food arrived it didn't look that big and while the presentation was good I wasn't impressed. Well I don't know what I was looking at because neither of us could finish our meals there was just that much! It was pretty good too, although the burger patty itself wasn't the best I've ever had. The onions where probably the tastiest part of the meal and the fries were also really nice.

A close up shot of the strawberry lemonade drinks we ordered
Our meals and drinks at Bubba Gump Shrimp co

For our drinks we also chose the same, opting for 2 strawberry speckled lemonades. Again I wasn't massively impressed, partly because the strawberries in the drinks were a little squishy and huge chunks kept floating up our straws which made it pretty hard to drink.

Overall I thought it was just okay. The theme and the decorations in the restaurant were really good and if you really like the Forest Gump film you'll be thrilled to hear its played on repeat in the bar. Although I loved the theme and the atmosphere and I thought the portions were pretty good that's about it. I didn't think all that much of the food which was a shame, but I guess that's what happens when you order a burger in a seafood restaurant.

Have you ever been to Bubba Gumps in London? What did you think?

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