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I feel like I spend half of my life on the Megabus going to London lately. Every other week me and Sean seem to be heading down to the city for one reason or another (usually shopping) and I always take a tonne of photos while I'm there. These are a few pictures I took at the end of August and although they are quite old now I really liked them so I wanted to share them here.

Here's what we got up to in Camden...

Sign for the Stables Market in Camden
Inside one of the covered market areas in Camden. Vintage lampshades can be seen hanging from the ceiling
Sign for Ghetto Grillz in Camden
A large blue sign saying welcome to Camden Lock
A piece of street art spray painted on to the floor, it reads - Stop here appreciate life for one minute and smile
One of the many decorated shop fronts in Camden Town
Two glass tea pots filled with red herbal tea
Looking down over Camden Lock
Camden Town Tube Station entrance

We decided to head into Camden for a bit of grub as they have the most amazing variety of food stalls and I also wanted to have a wander around the vintage shops. I had images in my head of a us sitting by the canal enjoying a nice relaxing meal before heading into the chaos that is central London. Well what we actually experienced couldn't have been further from that as I've never seen Camden so busy in all my life. Although I seemed to have captured a more calm Camden in the pictures, what you cant see is the hundreds of tourists milling around and angry locals trying to push past them. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Camden, its such a unique photogenic part of London that I try to visit every time I'm in the area, I must have just gone on a bad day.

Me and Sean quickly hunted down our ideal meal and set off to find a spot by the canal with our huge Polish sausage hot dogs which were delicious. We didn't hang around too long after this as is was just too busy but I know we will be back in Camden Town soon just to get another taste of those incredible hot dogs! 

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