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I'm a big fan of scented products, if it smells nice I want it, so it should come as no surprise that I am also a candle hoarder. My room is full of all sorts of half used candles, big ones, small ones, some in jars, some on stands, I have a lot. Every few months I will be temped into buying new candles without ever finishing the old ones, so saying I have a collection is a bit of an understatement. I'm actually on candle buying ban at the moment and noone is allowed to purchase them for me either as I am seriously running out of room. I know a lot of people, just like me love candles, after all they are relaxing and smell amazing! So I thought I would dedicate a post to my most recent favorite candles, no doubt I will have new ones to show you soon! 

yellow alight candle in a jar

1. Amber & Lavender, Flamingo Candle - Before Christmas I had never even heard of Flamingo Candles, but after browsing one of their stalls at the Clothes Show Live, I became obsessed. I loved the packaging and everything about these new candles just screamed 'BUYME!'. I resisted temptation that time but when they had an online sale in January I lost all self control and treated me and Sean to some of the most beautiful scents imaginable. I opted for the Amber & Lavender and Sean went for something with Vanilla as usual. My candle reminds me of strong men's aftershave but in a good way. It such a prominent scent and I don't think I've ever known a candle that gives off a smell as powerfully as this one.

red candle alight in a jar

2. Ho Ho Ho, Our Own Candle Company - I picked up this adorable little thing on my latest holiday to Wales. We were staying just outside of Saundersfoot near Tenby. I love little Seaside towns like this as they have the cutest independent shops. I noticed a whole wall of these candles in a small homeware shop I was browsing. I'd never heard of the brand before but the candles were just too cute and I couldn't leave without buying one. There were so many scents to choose from, it took me ages to pick. I eventually opted for 'Ho Ho Ho' a Christmas candle. Although it's a very festive candle its scent reminds me more of old National Trust houses when they have a herb garden or a fire on in the kitchen. It's a gorgeous scent that I will happily inhale all year round.

yellow yankee candle alight in a jar

3. Sicilian Lemon, Yankee Candle - There had to be a Yankee Candle in this list somewhere, they are just so well loved. I own a lot of Yankee Candles, they are easily the most popular and well known on the market. They do more scents than any other candle company I know and despite being rather pricey, I am more than happy to fork out on one. This is my most recent Yankee Candle purchase and easily my favorite. I decided I wanted a lemon scented candle and I knew I would get a good quality one from Yankee Candle. Little did I know that they actually have several lemon scented candles and I had to smell them all until I found the one I wanted. I chose Sicilian Lemon as its a beautiful sickly sweet scent that reminded me of Mediterranean holidays and lemon flavored gummy slices. This one really is happiness in a jar.

So those are my current favorite candles. I tried my best to describe their beautiful scents, each very different from the last. I try to never buy the same candle twice as I really love trying out new scents and discovering new candle company's. I'd love to hear about your favorite candles, for when I've exhausted some of mine and have made room for new ones!

I really enjoyed writing this post so let me know if you'd like to see more homeware or anything similar on the blog!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really would love to try one of the flamingo candles..think you could of just sold them to me!!!:)

    1. Honestly they are well worth investing in! xx

  2. Imperial candles are my fave! And you get some lovely jewellery with them too


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