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On our last shopping trip me and Sean popped into Primark to get a few bits and bobs. While we were there I had a quick look at the beauty section which seems to be getting bigger each time I go in. Nothing really took my fancy until I saw this black glitter nail varnish. It was a complete impulse buy but for a pound I didn't really care. I've never tried any of the Primark beauty range before and I haven't seen any reviews online so I thought I would test it out.


Let's start with the good. The main reason I picked this up was for the colour. I don't own many dark nail varnish and I thought this sparkly black was gorgeous. It's not very festive but I thought it would be a nice colour to wear for new years eve. 

Another plus is definitely the price. For £1 you could throw it away if you didn't like it, fortunately I do so I'll be keeping it.

One thing that makes or breaks a nail varnish for me is how easy it is to apply. I've bought so many pretty nail polishes that are too gloopy and don't apply nicely. Luckily this varnish has a good consistency and applies really evenly. The application brush is surprisingly quite good too as its reasonably thick.

I often avoid wearing darker nail varnish as sometimes you have to apply several coats to get a vivid colour and an even finish. This wasn't the case at all with this product. I only had to apply two coats before I was happy with how it looked. This really surprised me as it was such a dark colour and it was dirt cheap. 

The last good point isn't a necessity but a nice bonus. I'm super messy when it comes to painting my nails. I'm often covered in varnish for days before it finally comes off my skin. I was so happy to find that it had washed off my skin after just a few hours of being there, which saved me a lot of scrubbing.


There's only really one bad point with this product but it is a big one. I painted my nails one afternoon as I was going for a meal on the night. I was really disappointed to find that by the evening my nail varnish had chipped off in quite a few places. By the next day it had come away a bit more and the day after that whole chunks of it were missing. I didn't expect it to last very long but I never thought I would chip after only a few hours.

All in all I am relatively happy with this varnish. It's a lovely colour that's really easy to apply and doesn't break the bank. Overall its a decent product that would be perfect for a night out. I'd rate it 5/10 because it just didn't stay on long enough for my liking.

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