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So last Saturday Sean treated me to tickets to the Clothes Show Live at the Birmingham NEC! I've wanted to go for so many years but for some reason I never got around to it. Well this year I was lucky enough to go and it was more amazing than I could have imagined. 

We didn't plan the day very well at all. We arrived late and missed our slot at the main show, but luckily a really helpful member of staff sorted us out with new tickets for a later show and amazing seats. 

4 models on stage

After stressing ourselves out over the tickets, we decided it was time to do some shopping. We started with the cheap and cheerful section, eventually working our way down to the more expensive stalls. As I'd never been to the Clothes Show before I had no idea what to expect and I really underestimated just how huge the event was. It took us hours to walk around all the little shops and I'm still not convinced we got to see everything. 

While we were shopping we noticed a small show starting over at the Image Catwalk. It was showcasing some pieces from various Fashion Colleges all over the UK. Throughout the day we saw a couple of these shows and although the clothes weren't really my style I really enjoyed them. 

5 models walking down the runway. an image of times square is being used as a backdrop
5 models walking further down the runway with the times square backdrop

After that we grabbed some lunch and made our way to one of the conference rooms to sit in on the Conde Nast seminar. In the seminar they spoke about working in fashion and how to give yourself the best chance of getting a job in this industry. It was such an interesting talk and I'm so glad I went as I've always wanted to work in fashion. 

The talk went on for just under an hour which was perfect as it left loads more time to see the stalls we'd missed out and laugh at the people queuing for Peter Andre. 

Multiple male and female models walking across the winter themed stage
close up shot of Multiple male and female models walking across the winter themed stage
5 models walking down the cat walk wearing winter clothing

There was just so much to see that I didn't really buy all that much while I was there. The biggest purchase I made all day was a gorgeous pair of boots for £25. I mostly picked up beauty products and a few pieces of jewellery which I'll show you in a haul in a few days. 

At 3 it was time to go to the main show which we were beyond excited to see. As we missed our original slot we weren't able to get seats down the side of the runway but we weren't bothered by this as our new seats were directly in front of the stage and gave us a much better view. We couldn't believe how lucky we were with our new seats and I got some amazing photos. The main show was fantastic, I just wished I'd have managed to get more footage of it.

multiple models on stage wearing disney themed clothing
single model walking down the runway wearing red tights, a checked red skirt, a creme jumper, a long green coat and a cream wooly hat
a single model walking down the runway wearing a white dress, silver heels, and a fur snood

After the show we did a bit more shopping, watched a few more catwalk shows and had a few photos taken before heading into town for a well deserved burger.

I can't even begin to explain how amazing the day was and I can't wait to get tickets for next year! Don't forget to look out for my Clothes Show haul which will be up in a few days!

Did any of you guys get to go to the Clothes Show Live last weekend?

Thanks for reading!

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