The Bead Shop | Seed Bead and Jump Ring Bracelet Kits

Last week I picked up two gorgeous bracelet sets from The Bead Shop. I love a bit of DIY and I love jewellery so stick the two together and that's a winning combination for me. Yesterday morning, with a bit of help from Sean, I set about putting the bracelets together. 
They were really simple to make and the instructions were easy to follow. After only a few minutes me and Sean had both completed a considerable chunk of our bracelets, and they were  already starting to look quite good. One problem we did come across whilst putting the beads on the string was that it would easily fray at the ends, making it hard to thread the beads. This problem was soon sorted by cutting the string at an angle and melting the wax around it. 
After about half hour we had both finished our bracelets and had a few beads and rings left over. I really enjoyed making the Seed Bead and Jump Ring bracelets and think they would make great little gifts. If your looking to for some little presents or even if you want to treat yourself I would recommend you check out The bead shop as they stock really good value beads and jewellery kits. The Seed Bead and Jump Ring bracelets are only £3 each and you can find them here.


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