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This isn’t my usual type of post but as I do travel a lot and on a budget too I thought I would share a bit about how I save with you guys. I'd like to think I'm pretty damn good at saving now though I do want to disclose that I am extremely lucky as I still have a comfortable life living with my parents which I know is a luxury not everyones has.

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So here is how I scrimp and save to go on my perfect holidays!

I work a minimum wage job and lets face it, that doesn’t always leave me with lots to spend so I have to make cuts in what I buy. I used to buy lots and lots of cheap things. I didn’t think anything of it. A few items off eBay at 99p a piece was nothing. But this soon adds up believe me. Once I cut out buying crap I soon noticed my bank balance looking a lot happier. Another thing to go was magazines. I love reading magazines. But reading so many magazines a month was costing me a lot so I cut them out. And I still get lots of free inspiration from reading other peoples blogs.

One really good tip (especially for you bloggers out there) is to use the make-up you have before buying more. If you are like me and you just love trying out new beauty products I’m sure you have box full of bits and bobs that you’ve only used once. USE IT. You don’t need another £15 lipstick, believe me, I’m sure you have another 3 somewhere almost the same colour. If you don’t like it or don’t want it, set up a blog sale. It won’t make you millions but it’s more than you would have.

And that brings me onto my next thing, sell your stuff! I love eBay, I think everyone knows this but it’s such a good way to make a few quid. I’m always selling clothes and bags etc on there and yes I know sometimes they don’t sell for loads but its money you wouldn’t have had. My wardrobe is always full of clothes I haven’t worn in ages so every now and then I do a huge clear out and make a bit of money towards my next trip.

Okay so now you've saved a fair bit and you are looking for the perfect holiday. Here are a few more tips on how to get the most for your money. These won’t work for everyone but if you’re not fussed about when or where you are going you could really get a bargain.

If like me you are quite flexible in where you will go or when you can, try and book last minute. Travel agents will tell you last minute deals don’t exist anymore but I can tell you they definitely do. Also it’s always a good plan to try and book out of school holidays. Prices always go up the week’s kids aren’t at school so avoid these if you can, and your trip will be more relaxing too!

Another obvious tip is to look around. There are so many travel sites that provide holidays in the same places I’m sure you can find a bargain if you look hard enough. One more thing I would suggest is if you plan on taking a few trips abroad in one year is to get annual insurance. I wish I’d have thought of this at the start of the year as I would have saved quite a bit of money.

So those are my tips for saving and finding a bargain holiday. I hoped this has helped anyone wanting to start saving but not really sure where to start. I’d also love to know what you guys think of this sort of post as its nothing like my others!

Thanks for reading!

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