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Front of the Soap and glory scrub of your life             back of the soap and glory scrub of your life
The Soap And Glory Scrub Of Your Life - RRP £7 for 200ml

This is out of a gift set I got for Christmas. I generally like Soap and Glory products so when I received a whole gift set I was a very happy girl. I had never tried the Scrub Of Your Life before though, so I was excited to try something new.

I suffer with fairly dry skin so I'm constantly trying out all sorts of things to smooth it out and I thought this might help. I followed the instructions and scrubbed away at my arms and legs in the shower. I love the feeling of using exfoliating face wash and this scrub is fairly similar. It seemed to scrub away at my dead skin pretty easily and it also smells unreal.

After moisturizing I felt my skin and although it was a lot smoother I don't think it was that much better than using bog standard exfoliating gloves. Although the product was average I did love the feel and the scent on my skin.

I would give the Soap And Glory Scrub Of Your Life - 7/10

Have you tried the Scrub Of Your Life before? Let me know what you thought!

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