As you've probably seen if you follow me over on Twitter, I have recently started my quest to find a proper adult job. That's right, I'm getting out of retail! Well hopefully I will be anyway. So with a brand new job comes a brand new dress code, no more gross baggy polo shirt uniforms for once.

I have already started to pick up some staple workwear items (fancy a haul vid?) mostly just trousers and shirts at the moment, but I thought it would be fun to pop together some outfits that are a bit more fashionable. 

- Outfit One -

- Outfit Two -

- Outfit Three -

Although I don't actually have a new job lined up just yet, (hire me plz) I am very excited to start putting my work wardrobe together and these are the kind of things I would really like to wear. 

Which outfit is your favourite?

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I never really thought I would make it to Uni. I was always pretty average at school and honestly I didn't try too hard in my A Levels either. If you told 16 year old me that I would one day graduate with a Distinction I'd probably laugh, but thats exactly what I did. Last month I graduated my HND Photography course, and as it was going to be a pretty special moment for me, I wanted something as equally special to wear. Queue massive dress haul...  

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I'm not going to lie, I find dressing for autumn/ winter super hard. Unlike pretty much every other blogger out there, I'm a big fan of Summer. Nothing makes me happier than being able to walk around in minimal clothing and still be nice and toasty. But now it's getting cooler and that's just not possible anymore.

I'm not a massive fan of coats, but I like to be warm without wearing 100 layers. I find most jumpers to be big and bulky on me, and I definitely can't pull off the cute wooly hat look, so what do I wear? Well there's not much choice really. For the next couple of weeks I'll try and get away with autumnal shirts and blouses but after that I'll be rocking the frumpy jumper look until about May! 

What sort of things do you wear in the cooler months?

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With winter fast approaching it's about time we all updated our wardrobes. If we are honest though, it's that time of year where we are all saving for the most expensive holiday; Christmas. To keep costs down I've devised a list of just 5 things I think you need to tide you over until spring!
-- Thick Knit Jumper --

I think this is an obvious choice really, who doesn't love snuggling up in a super cosy jumper when it's freezing outside? I stock up on jumpers in the winter as I practically live in them; the thicker the better.

-- Black Boots --

Let's be honest, you can wear a good pair of black boots all year round but when it's cold and wet you definitely need something study to protect your toes. I wear Converse pretty much all the time but they aren't great when you have to wade through muddy puddles.

-- Cosy Parka --

Another obvious one really. I love a snuggly parka coat; if I get a good quality one it can easily last me a few years so I definitely think they are worth investing in.

-- Snuggly Pyjamas --

I spend half of my life in pjs so I don't mind spending a bit of moola on them. I'm not one of those people that sits in their normal clothes at home (Sean on the other hand...), the second I get in I swap straight into my pyjamas and relax.

-- Versatile Party dress --

You'll probably be going to a few parties during the festive season so it's a good idea to invest in a dress that you can wear a lot. If you are lucky you might even find something you can dress down to wear to work after all of the fun is over.

If I'm honest I could have added 100 more things to this list but I think these are the necessities you could get away with buying. Is there anything you guys run out to buy every winter?

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So I am finally back with another outfit post! It feels like forever since I posted an OOTD which is a shame really because I really love dressing up and prancing around in front of the camera. I still find it super awkward to pose in public though, not going to lie.

I've actually used my new camera for these photos which is why the quality isn't as good as usual but if I'm honest I was out for the day and I just couldn't be bothered to lug my big DSLR around with me. I know the photographs will never be as good using this new little camera but my old lady back just can't handle the weight of my other camera anymore. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will try my best to create them more often!

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A few weeks back I decided to book myself in for a personal shopper appointment at the Birmingham Bullring Topshop store. I really wanted some new pieces for my birthday and I loved the idea of having a stylist pick out things just for me!

I booked in with Charlotte who is the bubbliest friendliest girl you could ever hope to be styled by. We exchanged a few emails the week before the appointment in which I told her my dress size, what kind of things I wanted to try, and who my style inspiration was. Sometimes there is space for you to drop in for an appointment on the day but I think I much prefer talking to the stylist beforehand as is allows them to get a feel for the kind of clothes you like. It also means when you arrive for your appointment there is a rack full of clothes, shoes and accessories already waiting for you to try on!

When I arrived Charlotte firstly talked me through the pieces, many of which had arrived new in that morning. She showed me how she would style them with other pieces on the rack and suggested how I could style them with pieces I already owned.

I then began to try things on. There were quite a few things on the rack that I would never ever pick out myself. I've become quite stuck in my ways and tend not to veer too far away from what I'm comfortable in, however I absolutely fell in love with some of the pieces and next time I go shopping I will definitely try on things I wouldn't usually.

After trying on a few bits, swapping up sizes, and trying on some other pieces Charlotte suggested we take a walk around the shop together. I picked anything and everything that took my fancy and Charlotte also picked up some things she thought I might like. One thing I will mention at this point was that as I'm a bit larger (I range from a size 14 - 18 in Topshop sizes) there wasn't really much on the racks that fit me. I could order things online but that unfortunatly meant I couldn't try them on for the appointment. I really hope Topshop looks into stocking bigger sizes in the future as us chunky girlies want to look fab too!

Once I had finished trying things on, an hour and a half had passed and I was ready to pay for my purchases. As I said in the video, I didn't feel pressured at all to buy anything which is something a lot of people have asked me. I did end up spending more than I normally would on a shopping trip but I set myself a budget for the day and I didn't even get close to that. 

So would I book in for another appointment in the future? 100% yes! The whole experience made me feel like a VIP and did I mention it was free?! I'm not sure where else you would get to spend a few hours with a stylist and pay absolutely nothing! I came away with some gorgeous new pieces for my wardrobe and a new perspective on what suits my body type.

Have you had a personal shopper appointment at Topshop before?

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Because I'm a basic bitch and I give no shits, here is a wishlist made up of the most garish multicoluored tat I could find online! I'm all about pretty pink glittery things and I'm pretty sure you guys are too, so enjoy and try not to buy too much!

Unicorn Stuff 
 Mermaid Stuff 
Did you manage to get through this list without denting your bank balance? Nope? Me neither. Although I didn't actually purchase anything from this list, I did just invest in some cheap versions of the unicorn makeup brushes at the top which you can find here. I'm sure they will be rubbish but they are mainly just to look cute on my dressing table so for under a tenner I don't mind too much.

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A couple of weeks back I popped down to Topshop in the Bullring for their personal shopping event. I've never used an in-store personal shopper before so I was keen to see exactly what the appointments entail.

The personal shoppers in the Bullring store are Charlotte and Amelia. Both girls were beautifully dressed that evening which is always a good sign but no surprise as they both live and breathe fashion. The girls took it in turns to talk us through some of their current favourite picks and how they would choose to style them while we were served delicious cocktails and canap├ęs. 

They also spoke in detail about the brand new completely free personal shopper experience. The appointments can range anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on what you are looking to buy. You can pop in for a single item or a whole new wardrobe if you like and the experience is completely tailored to you. They even bring you drinks and cakes if you are celebrating a special occasion! 

Before the appointment you will speak to your personal shopper about the kind of styles you like, the dress size you wear and the kind of budget you have in mind. There is also absolutely no obligation to buy anything if nothing takes your fancy, however I imagine the girls will pick out pieces you just can't go home without. 

After the talk I was able to wander around the new personal shopping area which is located on the top floor right at the back as you exit the escalator. The area hosts a cosy waiting room and several large changing rooms with clothes hung on the walls for inspiration. The changing rooms really are something else and the lighting inside them is just perfect.

I was so impressed by the sound of the whole experience that I've booked myself in for an appointment with the lovely Charlotte just before my birthday for a few new bits. I'm thinking of getting maybe one dressy outfit and a couple of more casual ones incase we manage to book a short break for my special day.

I'll be blogging about my personal shopper experience when it comes around but if you can't wait to see what I think you can click here to see if your local store offers the service!

Have you guys ever used an in-store personal shopper before? I would love to hear about your experiences!

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