Another wishlist, I know what am I like? But its been forever since I put together a beauty wishlist and there's just so many products I've been dying to get my hands on lately. Unfortunatly my poor student status hasn't allowed me to do a lot of shopping so I've been left dreaming and putting together lists of things I wish I could afford...

Nail Varnish

Seriously, I need to get my hands on some of this stuff! For now though, it's back to scrimping and saving until my student finance comes in hahaha kill me.

I'd love to know if you like the way I've been laying out my wishlists lately? Giving everything its own section instead of one massive list of products? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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So if you didn't already know, me and Sean were on a quest to go on 7 dates in 7 days. We wanted to spend a whole week doing fun things and spending quality time together. If you haven't already read part 1, you can catch up on that here!

Date 4 - Games Night

Date night didn't actually start until around 10pm on Tuesday as we had to do adult things like cook dinner and do the weekly shop. We were really quite tired by the time we actually got to relax for the night but we were determined not to miss our date.

For this date I thought it would be fun to have a games night. We could play a bit of Jenga, battle it out over Trivial Pursuit and finaly destroy each other financially over Monopoly. As we never got home until late though, we really only had time for one game and because we clearly don't value our relationship that much we chose Monopoly. I'm joking but really we've had actual arguments over it before now.

We started the game with good intentions, we played everything to the rules and at first I was winning so that was fab, but just when I though Sean was about to go bankrupt he got a sudden injection of cash and I could see us playing well into the early hours. We did soon tire of this though and eventually gave up without either of us winning. Although this date night was a bit of a failure, it probably worked out for the best because lets be honest, noone wants to lose a game of Monopoly!

Date 5 - Movie Night 

Again this was another date that started a lot later than I would have liked. Once a week I go out for a Carvery with my Parents and Sean goes home for dinner, and this was the night we chose to do this. By the time we all got home it was basically 9pm, which isn't that late but Sean was already wiped out from a long day at the office.

I grabbed us some snacks and quickly picked a comedy to watch off Netflix. We chose Movie 43, I'd never heard of it before but after watching half of the trailer on Youtube I was sold. It's got a few decent actors in and the storyline is just wild. I'd definitely recommend it so anyone who likes really stupid comedies! 

Although we were both enjoying the film, my darling Doyle just couldn't keep his eyes open and soon enough it turned into a date night for one. I couldn't blame him though as he's been working super hard at work lately and it's starting to catch up on him. I know he will appreciate tomorrows date night as its all about relaxing!

So those were date nights 4 and 5. The more I get into date week the more I really want to make sure we keep going on regular dates. Not that there was any problems in the first place but it really has brought us so much closer and I'm so glad this is something we've decided to do. Keep a look out for the final part of date week which I'll post next week!

I'm still looking for fun date ideas, please let me know if you have any!

Thanks for reading!

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On Wednesday, Sean and I were invited along to the Jumprov Press Night in town. When I initially got the invite I wasn't sure what to expect; I'm a big theatre fan however I'd never seen an improv show before so I was really quite intrigued by the whole idea. For those of you who don't know what an improv show is, it's basically a show made up on the spot!

Jumprov are a small independent improv theatre company born and bred right here in Birmingham. Inspired by the lack of diversity in other theatre groups founder, Sunny Dhap, created Jumprov to fill that gap and employ his friends who were all too often typecast in the industry. The group consists of seven members; Sunny Dhap, Jade Samuels, Adaya Henry, David Jackson, Chantal Erraoui, Jay Droch, and Marius Turner. 

So onto the night itself which was held on the second floor of the Wellington Pub, right in the heart of Birmingham. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by Sunny who was making sure everyone received their complimentary drinks before the performance started. Glass of Pepsi in hand we were soon on our way upstairs where we would each receive a slip to fill in. The slips asked for one crazy confession and something inappropriate to write on a dating profile. Not going to lie, my confession was true, Sean's was not (I hope). After handing these in the show began.

The show began with a small introduction from Sunny before the whole cast joined in to warm the audience up for the performance with a quick game. Once we were all loosened up the show could begin.

There were several sketches throughout the night, acted out by various members of the group. They would usually start by asking the audience for a setting or situation and sometimes both. The actors would then have to create a short sketch based on what the audience had supplied them. I'm not sure how they managed to come up with ideas so quickly, and it's anyone guess how they managed to make the show so funny because I doubt I'd do anything other than freeze up had I been put in the same situation. Luckily down to their hours of preparation, the group was ready for pretty much any situation we threw at them. 

Using only the cues we gave them and slips of paper we handed in at the start of the night, the Jumprov group delivered a genuinely funny show in which they played on their own stereotypes. In this show their backgrounds didn't work against them but instead gave them a chance to portray characters which a more white theatre group would probably shy away from.

I thoroughly enjoyed the night and I know Sean did too as he was practically wetting himself beside me. If you are considering going to an improv show, go! In fact go see Jumprov at the Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham on the 4th of May! You can find more information here.

Thanks again to the Jumprov group for such a fantastic evening!

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As of today I have been blogging for 4 years! 4 bloody years! Honestly it seems like longer, it seems like blogging is all I've ever done and is all I was ever meant to do. It's been the best hobby I've ever had and I can't imagine what my life would be like with out it.

So my blog has changed a bit over the years, I've switched up the name, developed different content and I'd like to think my blog posts are better now than they have ever been. I know I've neglected my blog a little since starting Uni, but I honestly put more effort into each post now than I ever have done before. My photography has definitely improved and I think I've developed a decent writing style too, even though I was never very good at English; but that 's the thing about blogging, it doesn't matter. Anyone can start a blog.

So why did I start my blog? This probably deserves a post all of its own, and I will get around to writing one some day, but the short of it is that I was scared. I was leaving college to go to work full time and I was terrified of not having anything to work on anymore. I'm a creative, I always need to be making something and its from that passion to produce that my blog was born.

Blogging has given me such amazing opportunities. Although I'm by no means a 'big blogger', through this little platform I've been invited to amazing events, been offered the chance to try out goodies before they are available in shops and I've even made some fab bloggy friends through it all. I know I'm still not half as social as I should be but I have a select group of girlies who are super supportive of pretty much anything I do online and I really cherish that. 

So here's to 4 fab years of blogging, and hopefully many more!

Thanks for reading!

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Just after Christmas last year I found out that I needed Glasses. I knew for a long time that something wasn't quite right as my vision had been slowly deteriorating and I would get headaches everyday after college. I wasn't surprised that I need glasses but I really wasn't sure I wanted them. 

For a few months I battled with wearing my new glasses, I liked them but I didn't love them and I was quite self-conscious about wearing them. Maybe it was because I wasn't used to wearing glasses or maybe it was because I couldn't really afford to spend the money on some posh ones but I wasn't too happy either way. 

Fast forward to this Christmas, I'd finally got used to wearing glasses but the pretty standard pair I was wearing were getting a bit boring so when The Glasses Shop got in touch about reviewing a pair from them I jumped at the chance*. I'd been thinking about getting some new eyeglasses for a little while and after setting my heart on a gorgeous pair of pink beauties from their website I knew I had to have them.

I was offered the chance to try out some prescription sunglasses from them and I really considered this as it would help me out a lot in the summer. I mostly need my glasses for concentrating on reading and other things so I thought having prescription sunglasses for my holidays would be fab, however I really had fallen in love with the pink glasses by now so I bit the bullet and ordered them.

I've never ordered glasses online before, I'd always just gone to Specsavers however as I already had my prescription and pupillary distance it was pretty easy to order them. They took a little while to arrive but once they were here they were packaged really well and came with a case and cleaning cloth. 

I've been wearing them for a couple of months now and they are by far my favourite pair to wear. Anyone who knows me will know just how much I love pink so these babies go with pretty much everything I wear. 

If you guys fancy picking up a pair of glasses from The Glasses Shop you can use the code GSHOT50 for 50% off your chosen glasses or sunglasses.

Thanks for reading!

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* These glasses were sent to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. As always all opinions are my own.


Me and Sean have such a strong relationship. We were friends first and I'd like to think we'd be friends if there ever was an 'after', that being said, life has just gotten in the way lately and I think we neglected each other without really realising it. So to combat this I decided to dedicate a whole week to dating each other again - 7 dates in 7 days. 

The dates didn't need to be typical dinner and drinks, and they definitely didn't need to cost a lot of money either. We just needed to do things that we enjoyed doing together. So I started planning date week, I chose seven themes for each of the days and didn't let Sean know what we were going to be doing before the day arrived.

Date 1 - BBQ

Last Saturday was gorgeous. The sun was out and it was unbelievably hot for this time of year. So what do Brits do when we get more than 10 minutes of sunshine? Have a BBQ obviously. I dragged the barbecue out of the shed, gave it a good wash down and headed off to the supermarket for some burgers. Everyone else must have had the same idea because they were virtually sold out by the time we arrived.

We managed to grab a couple of more expensive burgers and some sausages for our spontaneous party. Our date kind of turned into a double date when my sister and her boyfriend arrived but it was actually quite nice to share such a gorgeous evening with a few other people. 

We cooked our food and drank a few drinks before setting up our beloved fire pit for the night. I grabbed a bag of marshmallows from the kitchen to toast over the fire which makes them way more delicious than they are usually. Even with our fire it started to get a bit nippy so we started to wind down for the night, but not before taking a few photos of the moon and stars which was so bright that night. 

Date 2 - Bike Ride and Pizza

So Sunday was meant to be all about pizza, I had planned to grab us a load from the shops and have a pizza party on the night however the sun was out in full force again. We couldn't ignore such a beautiful day so we popped on our bikes and headed towards the canal. 

I live right by one of the main canal routes into Birmingham. It literally goes right past my house and into the centre of town. I've done the route a thousand times before when I was younger, however as we were so little we'd always have to stop and it took hours to get into the city. On Sunday however we completely smashed it. Despite the heat and the fact I'd hardly been on a bike in the last 10 years we rode into town in just over half an hour. 

The ride was lovely and even though I could hardly feel my bum by the night it was worth it. We rode about 6 miles each way which I'm quite impressed with if I'm honest. Once we arrived into town we stopped off at a pub for a quick drink, we didn't stay long as it was a bit too cool in the shade. We then moved on to one of the squares near Brindely Place which was packed with people all enjoying the Sunday sun. 

It wasn't long before was got peckish so obviously we headed over to the nearest Wetherspoons for our fix. I opted for a pastrami bagel and Sean chose a chicken tikka wrap. We sat outside to again enjoy the sunshine before heading back along the same canal. By tea time we were hungry again so we ordered a takeaway pizza because its kind of what we'd been craving all day anyway.

Date 3 - The Theatre 

This was a bit of a spontaneous night. Just before 5pm on Monday my aunt rang me to say she had spare tickets to a show that night. I quickly snapped them up for me and Sean because we love the theatre and it's rare we get to go anymore. We rushed like mad to get ready and we just had to have a sneaky McDonalds as we were in such a hurry. 

We went to see Out Of Order at the Alexandra Theatre in Town. I'd never heard of the show before and I didn't really know what to expect but it did turn out to be quite funny. It's the kind of stupid comedy thats quite typically English and that people from other countries just wouldn't get. The first half was a little slow, but by the second half it was just that mad you couldn't help but laugh. I think Sean really enjoyed it as every time I looked over at him he was basically pissing himself. The poor bugger forgot to bring his ID with him though so he was stuck drinking pop while I sipped on Pimms. 

So those were our first 3 date nights! Although they are probably not everyone's idea of fun, so far date week has been fab. We managed to spend some quality time with each other and do some interesting things at the same time. I'll post part 2 next week so keep a look out!

Do you guys have any fun date night ideas? Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome back to another edition of High End Vs Budget; today we are going to be discussing Liquid Lipsticks! For this months post me and Amanda have switched roles! She will be talking about a high end product and I will be focussing on a more budget friendly version. 

When Amanda first proposed that this months post be all about liquid lipsticks I wasn't sure. I hadn't got on with many in the past and I sure as hell didn't have any high end products to talk about. Amanda on the other hand is a liquid lipstick queen, that girl has every shade imaginable so we though it only fair that we switch it up and give her a chance to talk about one of her favourite products.

As I previously said, most of the liquid lipsticks I'd tried in the past just didn't suit me. If they didn't rub off within minutes they lasted for hours to only look patchy and uneven later down the line. There is however one lippy that I do quite like. The Matte Me liquid lipstick by Sleek has been the only liquid lipstick that I've ever really enjoyed using. I have it in shade Birthday Suit which is pretty similar in colour to Mac's Faux lipstick.

This product is incredibly budget friendly, coming in at just £4.99. Considering I usually pay around £14-15 for my lipsticks, I'm pretty happy with this kind of price. I don't think the packaging looks particularly cheap either which is always a bonus. 

The solution itself is a good consistency, it's quite thick but not thick enough that it takes days to dry. Although it does take longer than I would sometimes like, its not as bad as others I have previously used. Once applied and dried I think the product lasts a good amount of time on my lips. I have eaten and drank with this lipstick on before and by the end of my meal I've still got pretty pink lips. It doesn't come of in patches either which I've found with others I've tried in the past. 

My only real issue with this lippy is the applicator. It's a long straight applicator unlike any I've used in the past and it makes it quite tricky to apply the product. If it was rounded at the end I wouldn't find myself accidently overdrawing my lips every time I use it.

Overall its a pretty decent product. It lasts quite a while on my lips and the price is great for the quality you receive. Although I will always choose regular lipsticks over liquid versions, this is the best liquid lipstick I've used so far!

Shop Liquid Lipsticks
Now don't forget to click here to head over to Amanda's blog to read all about her chosen high end liquid lipstick! You can also catch up on both of our previous posts, mine is here and Amanda's is here.

Do you have a favourite Liquid Lipstick?

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