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As of today I have been blogging for 4 years! 4 bloody years! Honestly it seems like longer, it seems like blogging is all I've ever done and is all I was ever meant to do. It's been the best hobby I've ever had and I can't imagine what my life would be like with out it.

So my blog has changed a bit over the years, I've switched up the name, developed different content and I'd like to think my blog posts are better now than they have ever been. I know I've neglected my blog a little since starting Uni, but I honestly put more effort into each post now than I ever have done before. My photography has definitely improved and I think I've developed a decent writing style too, even though I was never very good at English; but that 's the thing about blogging, it doesn't matter. Anyone can start a blog.

So why did I start my blog? This probably deserves a post all of its own, and I will get around to writing one some day, but the short of it is that I was scared. I was leaving college to go to work full time and I was terrified of not having anything to work on anymore. I'm a creative, I always need to be making something and its from that passion to produce that my blog was born.

Blogging has given me such amazing opportunities. Although I'm by no means a 'big blogger', through this little platform I've been invited to amazing events, been offered the chance to try out goodies before they are available in shops and I've even made some fab bloggy friends through it all. I know I'm still not half as social as I should be but I have a select group of girlies who are super supportive of pretty much anything I do online and I really cherish that. 

So here's to 4 fab years of blogging, and hopefully many more!

Thanks for reading!

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