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I wasn't actually going to post this here as it's part of my final project for Uni, but as this is kind of a fashion blog I thought it might fit nicely. Last week I took to the streets of Birmingham to photograph pretty much anyone around my age who was willing. There's some really fashionable girlies in Brum and here are just a selection of them! Enjoy!

I hope you liked my photos, it's the fist time I've ever photographed street style before so to say I was nervous about it was an understatement. Everyone I spoke to was super nice though and only 1 lady out of the 15 I asked said no to having her photograph taken which I thought was a good ratio.  

Maybe I could make this a regular thing if its something you guys enjoy? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh wow I love all these outfits. Surely great stylish ladies in Birmingham. :-)


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