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Welcome back to another edition of High End Vs Budget; today we are going to be discussing Liquid Lipsticks! For this months post me and Amanda have switched roles! She will be talking about a high end product and I will be focussing on a more budget friendly version. 

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in shade Birthday Suit RRP £4.99

When Amanda first proposed that this months post be all about liquid lipsticks I wasn't sure. I hadn't got on with many in the past and I sure as hell didn't have any high end products to talk about. Amanda on the other hand is a liquid lipstick queen, that girl has every shade imaginable so we though it only fair that we switch it up and give her a chance to talk about one of her favourite products.

As I previously said, most of the liquid lipsticks I'd tried in the past just didn't suit me. If they didn't rub off within minutes they lasted for hours to only look patchy and uneven later down the line. There is however one lippy that I do quite like. The Matte Me liquid lipstick by Sleek has been the only liquid lipstick that I've ever really enjoyed using. I have it in shade Birthday Suit which is pretty similar in colour to Mac's Faux lipstick.

This product is incredibly budget friendly, coming in at just £4.99. Considering I usually pay around £14-15 for my lipsticks, I'm pretty happy with this kind of price. I don't think the packaging looks particularly cheap either which is always a bonus. 

The solution itself is a good consistency, it's quite thick but not thick enough that it takes days to dry. Although it does take longer than I would sometimes like, its not as bad as others I have previously used. Once applied and dried I think the product lasts a good amount of time on my lips. I have eaten and drank with this lipstick on before and by the end of my meal I've still got pretty pink lips. It doesn't come of in patches either which I've found with others I've tried in the past. 

My only real issue with this lippy is the applicator. It's a long straight applicator unlike any I've used in the past and it makes it quite tricky to apply the product. If it was rounded at the end I wouldn't find myself accidently overdrawing my lips every time I use it.

Overall its a pretty decent product. It lasts quite a while on my lips and the price is great for the quality you receive. Although I will always choose regular lipsticks over liquid versions, this is the best liquid lipstick I've used so far!

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Do you have a favourite Liquid Lipstick?

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  1. As I said on Instagram, I do love this formula - by far one of my fave lower end formulas. I think they're so comfortable and I don't worry about them being gross and flaky. I will say that I too have my Brithday Suit shade with a long flat applicator, but I recently bought one of the newer shades they launched last year and the doe-foot is back (the two shades I bought years ago also have a doe-foot applicator) so I think they've changed it back again hopefully for all shades? I'm a big fan of the Rioja Red, I think it's one of the most gorgeous shades of red! I also really loved Velvet Slipper which reminds me a bit of Jeffree Star's Androgyny liquid lipstick. xx


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