Little Christmas Selfie | I treated my self to a few make up bits | Me and Sean on Christmas | Family photo | Christmas dinner | Our gorgeous table set for Christmas dinner

So I've been pretty absent lately. I wanted a few days to relax over Christmas so I haven't posted or even written any posts for a while. I've gone back to work now as well so managing my blog is going to be a bit tricky, but I'm sure I'll survive.
Last week was obviously Christmas. I had such a lovely day and I was given so many amazing presents. I got pretty much everything I wanted and I couldn't be happier. 
We had a delicious meal cooked by my uncle and spent most of the day at their house drinking and relaxing.
On boxing day me a Sean braved the sales in town. It was way more hassle then it was worth and I wont bother again. 
I had a lovely few days and I was so lucky with all the gifts I received. I might do a 'What I got for Christmas video'. What do you guys think, would you like to see something like that?

Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

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Weekly Roundup | Week 55

Here's a little bit of footage from Christmas Day. Its my first Vlog style video and I would love to know what you guys think! 
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

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Christmas Day 2014 Vlog

ITS CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone has an amazing day and gets everything they wanted! I wont be posting for a couple of days now as I'm trying to spending quality time with my family.
Merry Christmas!

So I know its a bit late but here are all the things I bought at the Clothes Show Live. I didnt manage to get all that much but I know I will spend a lot more next year!
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Clothes Show Live Haul 2014

Me and Hannah at her Birthday meal | Her amazing cake | Me and Sean at the meal | I treated myself to a little book | My meal | My amazing new onesie

So this week my little sister tuned 18. We decided to go for a meal at  a gorgeous Chinese buffet restaurant. We stuffed our faces, drank a few drinks and just had a really good time.
I spoiled her with as many presents as I could afford to buy and she loved them all so it was worth it. 
The rest of the week has been pretty average. I've been working on a lot of blog stuff over the last few days, but its been so hard to get anything done as I've been having so many problems with this laptop. I've only had it two months and it really isn't working properly, so I think it needs to go back. 

Well I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I'll tell you all about mine next week.
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Weekly Roundup | Week 54

I was really disappointed by last months box. If you read my last post about you will know how close I was to unsubscribing, but I wanted to wait for this box. I was expecting it to be really festive and full of Christmas inspired products. The box has a pretty winter theme but the products don't and I was kind of sad about that. I'm still unsure about this box, but let me run you through what I got...

TRESemme Renewal Nourish and Renew Tonic - I love TRESemme products. I swear by their heat protection and their conditioners always leave my hair feeling healthy. I've never seen this product before but I have no doubt it will work miracles. My only concern is that its a leave it treatment that you don't rinse off. As I don't love the 'I haven't washed my hair for 12 days' look, I'll probably use this before bed and rinse it off in the morning. I'm excited to try this out and I'm sure I will review it for you guys.

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish - I've featured a few Essence products on my blog and I've always had good things to say. I haven't actually tried their nail varnish's yet, despite owning quite a few. Essence products are dead cheap and I've always found them really good. I'm excited to try this nail varnish out over Christmas as its a gorgeous deep red shade that's perfect for the festive season.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain - I've never tried a lip stain before. I love my lipsticks so any other lip products don't usually get a look in. That being said I am looking forward to trying something new. I've always seen good reviews about lip and cheek stains so I have high hopes for this product. I think it will come in handy when the weather gets really cold and my lips start to crack.

SkinPep Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum - The name of this treatment sounds terrifying to me. I don't know about anyone else but the thought of putting acid on my face doesn't sound hugely appealing. This hypo allergenic, alcohol free serum is meant to leave your skin hydrated and glowing. I can never say so to a decent face cream, even if the name is a little bit scary. I'll let you know if it burns my face off. 

Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap Spot Stick - I'm quite lucky in that I rarely get spots. I think it might be a genetic thing as my sister has clear skin too. The week I received this glossy box the biggest, ugliest monster of a spot appeared slap bang in the middle of my forehead. So I used this day and night like it says to get rid of this thing and I cant say I noticed too much happening. I don't think the spot went away any quicker than it would usually although it did stop it drying up and leaving a scab like they normally do. 

So that was this months Glossy Box, I'm sure I will use all of the products I have received. 
Don't forgot to check back for the reviews! 

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Glossy Box | December

 Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche -  I seriously cant get enough of this little beauty. It came in a Glossy Box a few months back and I've been in love with it ever since. Its probably the best product I've ever received in a Glossy Box. This product is an amazing moisturizer and its smells better than any beauty product I've ever used before. Unfortunately for a 50ml tube of this stuff you will have for fork out around £20, but I still think its worth it!
 Real Techniques Shading Brush -  I bought this eye shadow brush after hearing nothing but good reviews about the Real Techniques range. It was a little bit more than I would usually pay for a make up brush (around £7)  but it was well worth it. I use this brush to blend in darker eye shadows on the crease of my eye lid as its the perfect size. I'm considering investing in a few more Real Techniques brushes because the quality really is good.
B. Quick #157 Cosmical -  This is another Glossy Box product. I received it months ago and never really warmed to it until recently. Is such a gorgeous pale gold colour that I've never seen before and looks amazing on. It applys really nicely and lasts quite a long time on your nails, although you have to apply a few coats to get a vivid colour. I cant remember how much this product retails at but I will definitely be buying another when this runs out! 
 Directions Hair Dye Carnation Pink -  For the last few weeks I've been dip dying my hair pink. I've been using Directions to make my hair crazy colours since I was a teenager and I'm still pretty impressed with it now. Its quite cheap and it stays in your hair for a nice amount of time. Its also a really nice consistency so it doesn't drip out of your hair. I've just bought the lilac version of this and I'm hoping to dye all of my hair with it.

So those were my top 4 beauty products in November. Have you guys tried any of these products before? What did you think of them?

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November Beauty Favorites

Our meals at the Harvester | A gorgeous make up brush I won 

Well last week I obviously forgot to take any photos! I didn't really do all that much, so there wasn't really any reason to take pictures. 
I spent most of the week working and wrapping presents for different people. 
On Thursday it was my moms birthday so we went to The Harvester for the yummiest meal ever. I bought her a new bag which I've kept hidden for weeks.
I was also busy getting a few last minute gifts for my sister who turned 18 today.
 I promise to get some decent photos this week!
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Weekly Roundup | Week 53

So last Saturday Sean treated me to tickets to the Clothes Show Live! I've wanted to go for so many years but for some reason I never got around to it. Well this year I was lucky enough to go and it was more amazing than I could have imagined. 
We didn't plan the day very well at all. We arrived late and missed our slot at the main show, but luckily a really helpful member of staff sorted us out with new tickets for a later show and amazing seats. 

After stressing ourselves out over the tickets, we decided it was time to do some shopping. We started with the cheap and cheerful section, eventually working our way down to the more expensive stalls. As I'd never been to the Clothes Show before I had no idea what to expect and I really underestimated just how huge the event was. It took us hours to walk around all the little shops and I'm still not convinced we got to see everything. 
While we were shopping we noticed a small show starting over at the Image Catwalk. It was showcasing some pieces from various Fashion Colleges all over the UK. Throughout the day we saw a couple of these shows and although the clothes weren't really my style I really enjoyed them. 

After that we grabbed some lunch and made our way to one of the conference rooms to sit in on the Conde Nast seminar. In the seminar they spoke about working in fashion and how to give yourself the best chance of getting a job in this industry. It was such an interesting talk and I'm so glad I went as I've always wanted to work in fashion. 
The talk went on for just under an hour which was perfect as it left loads more time to see the stalls we'd missed out and laugh at the people queuing for Peter Andre. 

There was just so much to see that I didn't really buy all that much while I was there. The biggest purchase I made all day was a gorgeous pair of boots for £25. I mostly picked up beauty products and a few pieces of jewellery which I'll show you in a haul in a few days. 

At 3 it was time to go to the main show which we were beyond excited to see. As we missed our original slot we weren't able to get seats down the side of the runway but we weren't bothered by this as our new seats were directly in front of the stage and gave us a much better view. We couldn't believe how lucky we were with our new seats and I got some amazing photos. The main show was fantastic, I just wished I'd have managed to get more footage of it.

After the show we did a bit more shopping, watched a few more catwalk shows and had a few photos taken before heading into town for a well deserved burger.

I cant even begin to explain how amazing the day was and I cant wait to get tickets for next year! Don't forget to look out for my Clothes Show haul which will be up in a few days!
Did any of you guys get to go to the Clothes Show Live last weekend?

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Clothes Show Live 2014

Gold Glitter Nails | At the Clothes Show Live | My amazing new heeled chelsea boots | In the photobooth | Christmas Handmade Burger | A few new make up bits from the Clothes Show

I don't know if you guys noticed but I skipped week 51. I didn't do anything interesting so I didn't think it was worth boring you all with. I'm thinking of making this a monthly roundup, what do you think?
Anyway last week was also pretty boring until Saturday. Sean had treated us to tickets to the Clothes Show Live. I've wanted to go for so long, and I wasn't disappointed! We shopped and watched the catwalk shows and it was really just amazing. 
I'll be writing all about it in the next week or so and I'm working on a Youtube video about it too, so keep a look out.
While we are talking about Youtube, what do you guys think about me making videos? Would you like it if I made more? Let me know!

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Weekly Roundup | Week 52

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I'm always doing wishlists. I love a bit of online window shopping. So when I saw Next were asking bloggers to make a Christmas wishlist with a chance to win one of the items I had to take part. I've been browsing the website for hours, wondering how I was ever going to narrow it down to just a few products but I did it and here are my top picks!

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau De Toilette £39 - Every girl wants a gorgeous perfume for Christmas. I've wanted to try this Marc Jacobs one for a while now as it has such good reviews.
2. Jones & Jones Storm Dress £65 - Being the party season it only seems appropriate to splash out on a beautiful dress. This Jones & Jones dress would be perfect for a fancy Christmas dinner or new years eve.
3 NYX Butt Naked Set £25 - Who doesn't love a good make up set? This pallet has 15 pretty eye shadows, 4 blushers, 2 highlighters and 1 bronzer. It has everything you could need and I would love to find it under my tree this year.
4. Snowman Cuff Pyjamas £32 - Its not Christmas until you've unwrapped a cosy pj set. Christmas day is meant for lounging and this gorgeous 2 piece is perfect for relaxing after you've stuffed your face.
5. Babyliss Curl Secret £120 - This Babyliss curler would be a perfect Christmas gift as its not something you would usually splash out on. It makes curling your hair that much easier and I know I wouldn't mind receiving one.
6. Fiorelli Asher Tote £65 - I think a handbag like this would make such a lovely gift. I love big tote bags and I think this Fiorelli one is beautiful.
7. Grey Robin Sweater £30 - There had to be a Christmas jumper on this list! This chunky knit jumper is so cute and would be perfect for the big day!

So that was my Nextmas Wishlist. I'd love to know what your favorite product is, or if you make you own list leave a link below so I can see your top picks!
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Nextmas Wishlist

On our last shopping trip me and Sean popped into Primark to get a few bits and bobs. While we were there I had a quick look at the beauty section which seems to be getting bigger each time I go in. Nothing really took my fancy until I saw this black glitter nail varnish. It was a complete impulse buy but for a pound I didn't really care. I've never tried any of the Primark beauty range before and I haven't seen any reviews online so I thought I would test it out.

Lets start with the good. The main reason I picked this up was for the colour. I don't own many dark nail varnish's and I thought this sparkly black was gorgeous. Its not very festive but I thought it would be a nice colour to wear for new years eve. 
Another plus is definitely the price. For £1 you could throw it away if you didn't like it, fortunately I do so I'll be keeping it.
One thing that makes or breaks a nail varnish for me is how easy it is to apply. I've bought so many pretty nail polish's that are too gloopy and don't apply nicely. Luckily this varnish has a good consistency and applies really evenly. The application brush is surprisingly quite good too as its reasonably thick.
I often avoid wearing darker nail varnish's as sometimes you have to apply several coats to get a vivid colour and an even finish. This wasn't the case at all with this product. I only had to apply two coats before I was happy with how it looked. This really surprised me as it was such a dark colour and it was dirt cheap. 
The last good point isn't a necessity but a nice bonus. I'm super messy when it comes to painting my nails. I'm often covered in varnish for days before it finally comes off my skin. I was so happy to find that it had washed off my skin after just a few hours of being there, which saved me a lot of scrubbing.

There's only really one bad point with this product but it is a big one. I painted my nails one afternoon as I was going for a meal on the night. I was really disappointed to find that by the evening my nail varnish had chipped off in quite a few places. By the next day it had come away a bit more and the day after that whole chunks of it were missing. I didn't expect it to last very long but I never thought I would chip after only a few hours.

All in all I am relatively happy with this varnish. Its a lovely colour that's really easy to apply and doesn't break the bank. Over all its a decent product that would be perfect for a night out. I'd rate it 5/10 because it just didn't stay on long enough for my liking.

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Review | P.S. Primark Nail Varnish

I've been wanting to make videos for my blog for so long. I just think making a video to show you guys things is so much easier than taking photos of everything, plus it means you don't have to sit and read a wall of text.
For my first video I wanted to start with something simple and I thought a Jewellery haul would be nice. These are a few pieces I have picked up over the last couple weeks.
I really hoped you enjoyed watching this and I would love to know what you think about me making videos!
Thanks for watching!

Mini Jewellery Haul | 1.12.14

I was really excited for this months Glossy Box. Last months box was amazing and I was so pleased with everything I got. I was really happy with all of those products so I had high expectations for the next one. 
Unfortunately This months box turned out to be a huge anti climax. I received five fairly small inexpensive products that weren't anything special. I'm not the only one who didn't love this box, after a quick look on Twitter I saw so many users who were also disappointed.
So now I've had a little rant, here is what I received...

Lollipops Make Up Eye Pencil - This is probably the best item in the box. Most people use eyeliner and I know I will get a lot of use out of this but its nothing special. I subscribe to Glossy Box to try new products and brands and although I've never used this brand before I'm not really excited to try it.

Burts Bee Lip Shine - Okay I lied, this is the best product I received. I've heard nothing but good reviews from this brand so I have really high hopes for it. I don't really use lip gloss; I'm pretty loyal to my lipsticks, but I'm excited to try this out. It smells nice and the packaging is cute, so I'm quite happy with it.

H20 Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment - I always love trying out new moisturizer because I have such dry skin. I have really bad eczema and I'm forever on the hunt for some good creams. I find it especially hard to find a good, non-greasy face cream but as this claims to be oil free I'm looking forward to trying it out. My only problem with this product is the size. I know we aren't guaranteed full size products but I just think its a bit mean to chuck in such a small sample.

Monu Skincare Soothing Hawaii  Facial Oil - I'm not sure if I even want to try this if I'm honest. My pores can get oily and clogged up quite quickly and I feel like the last thing I should do is put more oil on it. If I do try it out I will definitely do a review for anyone else who's concerned about putting greasy creams on their face.

2True Pro Sparkles Glitter Nail Polish - On the Glossy Box card this says its a nail varnish, but to me it just looks like a pot of glitter so I'm not really sure how to apply it. It looks like a nice little product that will come in handy closer to Christmas. I've tried 2True products before and they aren't amazing but for the price I cant complain. They are one of the cheapest brands in Superdrug so I'm not expecting much. That being said, I do love painting my nails and I'm excited to try something I haven't used before!

So that was my November Glossy Box. I think I sounded really negative throughout this post, but that's just because I was disappointed this box didn't keep up the usual good standards. 
I'm really looking forward to the December box and hopefully it will be all Christmassy and cute!
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Glossy Box | November

The penguins at London Zoo | Drinks at the Hard Rock | The goat pen | Cutest cupcakes | Me and Sean at my cousins 18th | This months Glossy Box

Sunday was our last day in London and we had such a good time. We went to the zoo and did a bit of shopping on Oxford street before finishing the evening with a few drinks in The Hard Rock Cafe. I still need to edit my London photos but I promise I will write a more detailed post about it soon! 
The rest of the week has been such a drag. I've worked pretty much everyday since so I'm knackered. 
I have a few days off this week so hopefully I can finish my Christmas shopping and go to the German market in town at some point!
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Weekly Roundup | Week 50

As you all know I do a monthly roundup of all my favourite beauty products. I thought It would be a good idea to show you guys some of my all time favourites starting with lipstick. I wear lipstick everyday without fail. I don't feel like my make up is complete without a little bit of lippy so here are my absolute faves...

Chanel Rouge Allure #104 Passion - Sean treated my to this little beauty for my birthday. Its probably the most expensive lipstick I've ever owned but its exactly what I wanted. At around £25 its quite pricey but worth it. The colour is just so gorgeous and literally last hours. I wouldn't wear this one every day but for special occasions its perfect.
Essence lipstick #07 Natural Beauty - Now this lipstick is completely different to the Chanel. Its dirt cheap and a much light colour but I love it. I costs just £2.60 and is seriously worth every penny. I wear this lipstick pretty much everyday and it lasts quite a long time. You guys need to invest in some Essence products, I cant recommend them enough!
Avon ColourTrend  - This has been a favourite for years. Its one of those lipsticks that's literally been in my collection for so long the shade has rubbed off so I don't know what it is. This is another everyday favourite for when I fancy a change. I've had it so long I cant remember what I paid for it but I know it was another cheap one.
No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink - Okay so I know this isn't a Lipstick but I still wanted to put it in here because I love it so much. My Nan actually gave me this. She received a box of No1 freebies a while back and decided I would make more use of them than her, and you better believe I have. This was the first lip crayon I'd ever owned and the reason I bought others. It doesn't last a long as using lipstick would but I love it either way.
No7 lipstick in Sugar Plum - Another No7 product and another lippy that has lost the label with the shade on it. I cant tell you the number but I know the shade is sugar plum so you should be able to track it down. This has been my favourite colour for longer than I can remember. I think I first started wearing this shade at about 15 or 16. Its a gorgeous colour and it doesn't dry your lips out. I think its around £9 so average for a lipstick but I really love it. Its only recently been replaced by the Essence lipstick as my go to lippy and I'm sure it will find its way back eventually.

Well that was my all time favourite lipsticks. I don't have a huge make up collection and I don't really spend that much on it either but I think I picked a good selection. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I'd love to know what you think of this kind of post. Would you like to see more all time favourites?
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Beauty | My Favourite Lipsticks

So I treated myself to a few beauty purchases the other day and I thought I'd put them in a post to show you guys. I didn't really get that much as I'm waiting to see what Santa brings but I think its enough to justify a haul post.

1.Real Techniques Shading Brush - Okay so everyone goes on about how amazing these brushes are, I've never seen a bad review for them. Well I needed a new eye shadow brush so I thought I would give it a go. It was slightly more expensive than the usual brushes I buy but Real Techniques are meant to be the best brushes going so I didn't mind.
2. Essence Stay Natural Concealer - You know I love a good bargain, so when I saw this for £2 I had to pick it up. I've used Essence products for a few months now and I don't really have anything bad to say about them so I'm hoping this concealer keeps up the standard.
3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner - I always use Rimmel eyeliner. Honestly I think its the best eyeliner around at the moment and its only £3. I actually picked up the wrong one in the shop, I usually get the basic Kohl eyeliner and I picked up this 'Scandal Eyes' one. Its was the same price as my usual and I cant really tell any difference between the two, but I'll give it a go and see what I think.
4. Boots Facial Exfoliating Sponge - This was a bit of an iimpulsebuy. It was only £1.50 and I really wanted to try it out. It reminds me of a mini version of the pads we put on the floor machine at work but I'm hoping it does a better job. I've used it a few times and it is a little bit rough on my face but I guess it will have to do until I can get my hands on one of those fancy facial cleansing brushes.
5. Boots Moisturising Cream - Another impulse buy and again it was £1.50. I really wanted to try out a new moisturizer and this one smells like cucumber so that pretty much sold it to me. I started using it last week and I quite like it. Its not greasy, its smells yummy and it doesnt hurt when I put it on my eczema like some creams.

So that was a littl roundup of my lastest beauty buys. I love doing little haul posts but I always think it would be much easier if I put the into a video. What do you guys think, should I start doing haul videos? Let me know!
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Haul | Mini Beauty Haul

Amazing silver shoes from Asos | Lady Gaga at the NIA | And her ass | The poppys at the Tower of London | London Bridge underground | Date night dinner | Me and Sean at Tower Bridge | Westminster at night | Tower Bridge 

So this week was pretty boring until Thursday. On Wednesday me and my sister managed to get hold of two tickets to see Gaga Thursday evening. She was amazing and we had such a great night. The next day was my dads Birthday. We went for a lovely curry and had a few drinks before heading back so me and Sean could pack for London. 
This weekend me and Sean celebrated being together for two years and decided to take a little trip to our favorite city. We caught the coach to London early saturday morning to do a bit of sightseeing and shopping. I'll post all the photos from this weekend in a few days and write a bit about what we did! 
Thanks for reading! 

Weekly Roundup | Week 49

This month Glossy Box sent me this gorgeous Ciate nail varnish and I couldn't have been happier. I'd wanted some Ciate nail polish for so long and now I had one. I love the design of these nail varnish's, and a lot of bloggers use them so I was really excited to try this out.
I decided to paint my nails with it before I went on holiday to Cornwall last week, in the hope that it would last and I wouldn't have to take it with me.

So i'll start with the pros, the first of which has to be the amazing colour they sent! I'm in love with this gorgeous green shade and I think I'm going to get so much use out of it! Its not a colour I would have chosen myself but I'm so glad this was the shade I got as I don't have anything similar.
One of my favorite things about this product is that it doesn't chip very easily. Nail varnish doesn't last forever and I don't expect it too, but this one stays on for ages and doesn't really chip off either.
Another pro that I think it so important with nail varnish is how easy it is to apply. I've used so many nail varnish's in the past that are just too gloopy and don't apply nicely to my nails but this one is perfect. This nail polish has a slightly watery consistency which makes it really easy to apply and leaves a smooth finish. The only downside with the consistency is that because its quite thin you do have to apply more coats to get an even cover on your nails.
The only other bad point about this nail varnish is the price. At £9 a pop I think its quite expensive when other good brands are priced between £3 - £5. I do think you pay for the name and the packaging but the quality is also really good.

Overall I love this nail varnish and I think the good outweighs the bad by miles. As for the price, sure its more than I would usually pay but the quality of the nail varnish is better than most and I can see myself investing in a few staple colours. All in all I really like this polish and I would give it a 7/10.

Have you tried any Ciate nail varnishes? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading! 

Product Review | Ciate Nail Polish

This is just a super quick update you let you know has changed! I'm so excited you introduce you all to This will still be my personal blog filed with all my ramblings but the name has changed. I've been wanting a name change for so long and now I've finally found one that fits really well! So I Hope you all enjoy the change and keep reading! 

Welcome to!

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So me and Sean are heading down to London this weekend to celebrate 2 amazing years together! I've been thinking really hard about what to wear to dinner and for drinks, and I think something like this will be perfect. 

I've actually already got the shoes and dress. I bought the shoes a few days ago and they were a total impulse buy! I was on the hunt for some heeled Chelsea boots and when I saw these beauties I had to have them. They were nothing like what I had planed to buy but they were in the sale so I treated myself. The dress on the other hand I did actually need. I mean its coming up to Christmas and I'm sure I'll be invited to loads of parties (yeah right) so I need a new dress. This cute little skater dress is from AX Paris and it was a complete bargain! It was originally £28 but it was in the sale for a tenner, amazing right? But being the bargain hunter I am, I found a 20% off code that brought it down to £8! Times are hard don't judge haha! 
Now for my bag I'm thinking of using a large black clutch like this one from Asos. I need something big enough to fit all my junk in but I don't want anything too bulky so I think something like this would be perfect!
As for the accessories I think a thin black or silver belt would go really well. With a dress that has such a loud print like this one I think you need a belt to break it up a bit and finish the look. 
Jewellery can make or break an outfit and I think going for something simple would be the best idea here. I've decided that a cute retro watch would finish the outfit off nicely. I've chosen this one from Asos but you can pick similar ones up on eBay for around £3.

So that's the sort of outfit I'm going to wear Saturday night, I hope you enjoyed reading through it. I'm so excited to spend the whole weekend in in London. Do you guys have any pubs or restaurants you would recommend? We're kind of stuck for where to eat and I'd love to hear about your favorite places!

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Idea | 13.11.14

Here's a few pictures from our holiday in Cornwall over half term. We stayed in a gorgeous little cottage that was actually converted from a barn. The cottage was huge and had everything we needed for out little trip. We stayed just outside Redruth but traveled to loads of little seaside towns all over Cornwall. It was such a lovely holiday and I cant wait for my next!

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Cornwall 2014

I dip dyed my hair pink | Probably the best tshirt ever | New make up brush | The print on my new kimono | Sean treated me to a facial cleansing brush | I tried out the Ciate nail varnish from my Glossy Box 

Weekly Roundup | Week 48

I love doing holiday haul posts, I manage to buy so so much rubbish when I'm away. I just cant help but go into every single cute seafront shop and buy stuff I don't need. So anyway here is what I picked up while I was away in Cornwall. 

That gorgeous locket at the top was a present from my mom. She bought me and my sister matching necklaces with our names on and I love it. I've always wanted a cute locket and now I have one, I'm not sure if I will be able to get anything small enough to put inside it though. 
The little frog and the Cornish pasty keyring were gifts for Sean, I also bought him a jug of Cornish cider but I completely forgot to put that in. I know he likes holiday tat as much as me so I had to get him something.
The Cath Kidston hand creams are from a little shop in Tintagel and the hair grips are from the Cath Kidston shop in St Ives. I have to wear my hair up for work and there's always bits of hair flying around everywhere so it will be nice to keep it under control with these super cute sparkly hair grips!
How amazing is my new phone case! I've seen these floating around online for around £15 but this little beauty is from Poundland! I've been after one of these for so long but I couldn't fork out that much for a phone case, so when I saw this in Poundland I knew it had to be mine. Obviously the quality isn't that great but for a pound I was happy.
The little chunk of amethyst is from Boscastle and it was only £1.85 which I thought was quite cheap. I love stones and crystals so I had to pick this up. I also got a little sun face stone pendant. I haven't got a clue what stone it is but it was only 50p so I didn't really care, its just a shame you cant really see the face on it that well.
I also bought the most gorgeous little earrings from a craft fair in St Ives. You cant see them very well in the picture but they are like glittery pink blobs? I spotted some similar to this in a little shop over the summer and they were pretty much the same but they were £19 so when I saw these beauties for £6 I snapped them up. I know I will get so much wear out of them!

So that was my Cornwall holiday haul. I hope you enjoyed looking at all the tat I spend my hard earned wages on! I'm sure I'll be doing loads more of these in the near future!
Thanks for reading! 

Haul | Holiday Buys

Its time for my monthly favorites again! This month i've only picked 3 as I havent really bought much or tried anything new. I've been using these 3 products a hell of a lot over the last month so heres what I picked...

1. Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner - Okay so I've used this conditioner before, but lately my hair has been wild and dry and just a but of a mess so I brought in the professionals. I used this conditioner years ago and compleatly forgot about it until I saw it on special a few weeks back. I've been using it ever since and it really does make such a difference. My hair feels softer, less damaged and it smells gorgeous with the help of Aussie. I also use the shampoo but its the conditioner that really does the work.
2. Essence Eye Shadow #35 - I did a review of this little eye shadow a few weeks ago and I am in love with it! If you've read the review you will know how much I like this eye shadow but I'll do a little recap just in case. The colour is amazing, it stays on for hours and did I mention it was only £1.60!
3. Ciate Nail Polish # 60 - I received this pretty little paint pot in my October Glossy Box. It has been my staple nail colour for most of October and I don't really see myself taking it off anytime soon. Its such a vivid colour and don't get me started on how much I love the packaging. I've written a review for this nail polish that I will be putting up in the next few days so keep a look out!

Well that was my October beauty favorites. I hope you enjoying reading through what I've been loving this month!
Thanks for reading!

Monthly Beauty Favorites | October

Me and Dad at my cousins birthday | Mt gorgeous Cath Kidston hair grips | Out last selfie at the cottage | My Halloween squash | Boscastle | A hot chocolate at Tintagel | Rose Lemonade and cake at the cutest bar in Falmouth | Blue with his friends | Me, Sean and his mom at my cousins party

So I'm a little bit late with this roundup but here's what I did last week...
I spent the first half of this week in a little cottage in Cornwall. I mentioned it last week and I have a whole post about it coming up in the next few days. We had a lovely few days away and honestly I cant wait for my next holiday.
This week my cousin turned 30 and we had an amazing time at his 80s themed party, although I left it too late to buy a costume, oops. 
Overall I've had a nice relaxing week off work and I still have a few more days off!
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Weekly Roundup | Week 47

I wanted to make quick post about my pretty new shoes from Primark. I don't usually buy shoes from Primark as I have super wide feet and they just don't fit me well. These little beauty's however have made me completely change my mind about Primark shoes. They fit me perfectly, they look great and they were only £4 each! They come in so many different colours and I can definitely see myself going back for more!
Thanks for reading! 

What I Bought | £4 Primark Shoes

So In case you guys hadn't noticed, I'm loving cheap make up products right now. Its that time of year when I'm saving for Christmas, everyone's birthday presents and mine and Seans anniversary, so moneys pretty tight. But luckily for me Wilkos has started selling Essence beauty products, all of which are under £5!
 Okay so I know what you're thinking, a £2 lipstick, how good can it be? Well I'll tell you..
Lets start with the price as that's the main reason why I bought it. At just £2.60 its a bargain and a half! Most of my lipsticks are £10+ which isn't too bad considering how long they last but if I could I would love to pay less.
At under £3 for a lipstick I wasn't expecting a lot and honestly its not the most glamorous looking lipstick. The case is plain black and pretty basic but for the price I cant complain at all.
Now lets talk about the staying power. One reason why I usually spend a fair bit on lipstick is because I assume if I pay more they are going to be better quality and stay on for hours. I was so surprised at how long this lipstick stayed on. I wore it for the first time to go for a meal with Sean and I couldn't believe that hours after putting it on, and even after eating my food the colour was still quite vivid. I couldn't really be happier with how long is stays on. One thing I will say though is that sometimes I apply a coat of Carmex on top of my lipsticks to make them super shiny and they don't last half as long as they would on their own.
Another good point is how easy is it so apply. Its not a sticky dry lipstick so it goes on really nicely and its so easy to wipe off again if you make a mistake. 
I really love this lipstick. This shade in particular is a gorgeous pinky red shade that is one of my favorites and I think really suits me.
I only have one problem with this lipstick and that is that at £2.60 I seem to have bought quite a few in lots of other shades!
Overall I love this product. I literally dont have anything bad to say about it. If you are looking for a decent cheap lipstick and you arnt too bothered about it looking fancy, this is the lipstick for you. Its a brilliant bargain buy and I would give it a 9/10.

Review | Essence Lipstick #4 'On The Catwalk'

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