What I bought | 20/10/2013

Jumper, TK Maxx £16.99

Necklace £1.75, Rings £2 Both New Look Sale

Foundation £5.99, Rimmel Nail varnish £3.99, Avon Nail Varnish £1.50

Brogues £15.99, New Look


Eye shadow pallet £2.50 Primark

Elephant Bracelet £8 Urban Outfitters 

These items are from two shopping trips I took this week, I'm just being lazy and chucking them all into one post. Anyway, I went shopping this week mainly to get some new foundation and birthday presents for my sister, which I haven't posted on here for obvious reasons haha. I ended up needing a second shopping trip after running out of time to get everything I needed. The first thing I bought was this gorgeous fluffy jumper from T K Maxx. I love the quality and the beautiful rainbow thread, and at only £16.99 I thought it was a bargain. I then headed for the new look sale and picked up a lovely simple necklace and a ring set. I then took myself off to Superdrug to get my favorite foundation, which I was desperately in need of and saw that beautiful pink nail varnish so I had to have that too. The glitter nail varnish is from an Avon order that arrived this week too so I put that in as well. I also needed some new brogues for the winter which I picked up on my second shopping trip. I have some from last year exactly the same so when I saw these ones I was really  happy because of how much I love the others. I then moved on to Primark. Originally I went to get one of those fluffy slouch cardigans everyone is raving about but they didn't have any in my size so I settled for a pretty makeup pallet which I'm sure will get a lot of use. My last stop was Urban Outfitters. I don't usually shop there due to my unfortunately low shopping budget, but when I saw this bracelet it had to be mine. Its no secret that I love elephants and to my delight they stocked loads of elephant themed jewelry but I had to stick with this gorgeous bracelet and I have no regrets!

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