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So I guess Halloween is going to be a little different this year eh? No fancy dress parties, no trick or treaters begging for sweeties, and you'll only be able to watch scary movies with 6 of your closest friends - or less depending on where you live! Well fear not! (or do, it is spooky season after all) because I have popped together a list of ways you can enjoy Halloween at home! Just remember to check local restrictions before planning any activities with your pals.

Grace is sitting on her bed reading a book titled 'ghost stories'. She is wearing a black jumper with a skeleton on it and beside her is a carved pumpkin.

How to have a spooktacular Halloween at home...

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving - best best, and one of the messiest Halloween traditions is pumpkin carving! It's an affordable way to let your creativity run wild and create some cute decorations in the process. But don't let all that perfectly good pumpkin go to waste once you've carved it up! You can make a tonne of things with those innards, from pumpkin pie to pumpkin risotto and even pumpkin body scrub!

Read scary stories

Treat yourself to a book of creepy stories or just head online to see what the internet has to offer! There are loads of websites dedicated to publishing the best scary stories, and even places like reddit often feature people's own spooky experiences!

Watch scary movies

If reading isn't your thing, why not whack on a horror film to see in all hallows eve! Nothing beats ordering a takeaway and settling down for the evening with a scary movie right? 

Some of my all time favourite horror films:

  • Insidious (make a night of it and watch all 4!)
  • The Babadook
  • The Nun

And if you're not feeling in the seriously spooky mood one not chose one of these :

  • Hocus Pocus
  • Phantom of the Opera (It's a little bit creepy right?)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas (is it a an xmas film, is it a halloween film? IDC) 

Pamper Evening

There is always a reason to have a pamper night and Halloween is no different. Stick on a charcoal facemask, run yourself a hot bubble bath, and chill out. You could even treat yourself to some Halloween themed goodies! Lush have a tonne of Spooky treats right now and Asos even have a range of Star Wars and animal themed sheet masks which I guess could count as dressing up right?

Grace is holding the ghost stories book open. In the background th pumpkin and a lit candle can be seen.

Tell spooky stories around the campfire

I believe in some areas of the UK you are still allowed up to 6 people in your garden so why not build a bonfire (or use a wood burner) and tell ghost stories! I mean really is there anything better than sitting in the dark of the night scaring the life out of each other with the creepiest stories you can remember?

Do some halloween baking

If pumpkin pie really isn't for you why not bake some sweet treats instead! You'll find a whole host of Halloween themed recipes online to make this Halloween the tastiest yet! You really are spoilt for choice with spooky baking inspiration right now, however my favourite recipes are Sarah's Autumn Cake, Lucy's Meringue ghost lollies and Jenny's Halloween spider brownies!

So that's it! Those are my ideas for making your Halloween at home extra spooky! What will you be doing this Halloween?

Thanks for reading!

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Two images. The top image is of Grace sitting on her bed reading a book. The second image is on the book help open. Between the two images text reads "How to have a spooktacular Halloween at home"


  1. Lovely ideas, the meringue ghosts are so cute!

    1. They're good aren't they! Not sure I'd be able to recreate them as well haha!

      Grace xx

  2. There's so many way to make the most of Halloween indoors, with no trick or treating this year, I'll be locking my door and curling up on the sofa! x

    Lucy |

    1. I hope you had a lovely cosy Halloween lovely!

      Grace xx

  3. What a fabulous post.I love all of the ideas. I can't wait to be able to tell ghost stories to my two little ones on Halloween and I would love to pamper myself too! I love Halloween and each year I start planning it at the end of August. Even with this pandemic I cannot help but feel super excited!

    1. Thanks lovely! I hope you managed to have a fun Halloween all things considered!

      Grace xx


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