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Today's post is suuuper late but honestly, between work and creating content for my little blog, I have literally had no time. Today I thought I would share some horrendously bad quality photos from my little sisters 21st birthday meal on Sunday night. I did take my camera out with me but I had a few issues with my memory card so I only have these, no so great, IPhone photos. 

We went to Miller & Carters for her meal and it was honestly delicious. I'm not a big meat eater, and steak definitely isn't for me so I played it safe with a burger, but it was the tastiest burger I have had in a really long time. Its not a cheap restaurant to eat at but you can see that the ingredients are good quality and I know all of us thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

I think Hannah had a really nice time too. She spent her actual birthday in Disneyland (without me, the bitch) so that was like the main event for her but I'm glad we all got to do something nice with her for her 21st too. She also had the most amazing Beauty & the Beast inspired cake that I am also super jealous of.

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