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I finally managed to get myself down to the German market in town this week. Its only up for another few days and I just had to have a wander around even though I never really buy anything from there. I met up with a couple of old school friends to have a little browse and enjoy a Bratworst or three.

I did search high and low for a hotdog stand that sold something mildly apatising but honestly this year nothing looked that good. Between sausages that were being cut in half to fit in the tiny buns, and metre long pencil width sausages, I just really didn't fancy anything. I settled for a Gregs and went home to my warm cosy bed.

As much as I usually enjoy wandering around the Christmas German Market, I just didn't feel it had the same charm this year. Maybe it was because it was a Monday night, but there was no atmosphere this time around, and I'll probably give it a miss next year too unless they add something exciting.

What did you think of the German Market this year? Am I being a miserable cow or was it just a bit shite?
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