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As well as blogging and vlogging our adventure, Sean and I decided fairly soon into our September trip that we wanted to create a scrapbook of our travels. We had just taken so many beautiful photographs that it only seemed right to print them off and keep hard copies safe in our home. A scrapbook seemed like a fun way to do this and so when Printiki offered to print some of my treasured snaps for me I jumped at the offer.*

The prints were pretty easy to order, I simply created an account and started selecting my images straight away. I had the choice of regular prints or adding a retro border which would give my images a Polariod style look. As I wanted to pop my images into a scrapbook I thought it might be handy to have extra room to write on and so I picked the retro border on some of my images. 

I wanted to use the photos I had already edited and uploaded to Instagram so I just connected to my account and selected the images I wanted to print. My photos arrived within just a few days even though I selected the economy shipping! If I needed to rush my order, next day delivery was also available. 

I haven't finished my scrapbook yet but I'm already chuffed to bits with it and I'm so glad I decided to create a special place to keep my travel memories safe! 

If you fancy making a scrapbook of your own, or if you just want to have hard copies of your favourite photos, you can use code G5CCKZSS for free shipping from Printiki!

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* I was offered complimentary prints in exchange for a review.

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