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Last week I was invited down to Pirlo's Dessert Lounge to celebrate their first birthday with a load of other lovely bloggers. I don't often get chance to go to events here in Brum, so it was really nice to meet some local bloggers and sample some delicious food not too far from my own home. 

I arrived half an hour early because I have no sense of time, but I was kept amused by the deputy manager until everyone else arrived. Once most of us were there we were brought over three desserts to try; a Pirlo's Monster Sundae, a Neapolitan Sundae, and a Tropical Fruit Twist Sundae. I got a taste of all three and to my surprise it wasn't the chocolate monster which I enjoyed most but the strawberry filled Neapolitan, however all of them were super tasty. 

After a few more of us arrived we were given yet more delicious desserts to try. This time we were presented with a Red Velvet Cake, a Choc O Holic Crepe, The Wild One Crepe, Pirlo's Big Waffle, and a Milk Chocolate Fondue. The table was literally overflowing with goodies and if I could have tried them all you better believe I would have. All of the desserts were just huge and to be honest, I'll probably split one of them with a friend next time I go back. I did get chance to munch on one of the crepes and it was fab. I can't remember which one I tried (bad blogger I know), but the strawberries were just so sweet and covered in melted chocolate which I couldn't wolf down quick enough.

Once we'd all taken photos of the pile of treats and ate our way through most of them we were given even more to try. We were each tempted with a plate of mini samples, this time consisting of a waffle, a crepe, and a delicious cheesecake. Now I'm not normally a fan of cheesecake, however this one was just so rich and creamy I ate the lot. 

As well as desserts Pirlo's also sells a range of drinks which I am pretty sure are alcohol free. I opted for the Strawberry Mojito which was recommended by the deputy manager. It was honestly delicious however next time I'd be tempted to try the Blueberry Mojito as I'd never even heard of one before.

I genuinely had the loveliest night meeting some new bloggers and munching my way through the Pirlo's menu. I'd not been to Pirlo's before but I can definitely see myself returning with Sean for some tasty treats in the future!

Have you been to Pirlo's Dessert Lounge in Birmingham?

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* I was invited to sample Pirlo's menu in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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