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I've been really ill all week and I've had zero motivation to do anything, except pamper myself. When I'm sick I'm dramatic; a cold might as well be terminal for me, so I make sure I have time to relax and rear myself back to heath with a little help from some beauty treats.

A piping hot bath is usually my first port of call when I get the sniffles. A nice long soak with a bath bomb or two always makes me feel slightly better, even if there are no actual health benefits to it. I usually take my phone with me and catch up on any YouTube videos I've missed that week.

As my skin is looking a bit worse for wear after blowing my nose 100 times a day I make sure I keep on top of moisturising. Every couple of hours I'll lather up on my current favourite - Johnson's Daily Essentials - which keeps my nose from getting too dry. My lips also tend to crack when I'm sick so I'll keep those topped up with lip balm too. I'd recommend getting a cheap one that you can just chuck away when you are well again.

If layers and layers of moisturiser just aren't doing the trick it's probably time for me to step it up a notch. I hoard face masks like there's no tomorrow so I'll probably use one or three in a last attempt to save my drying skin.

I think keeping yourself warm and cosy is kind of underrated when you're feeling unwell. I always keep myself cuddled up either in bed or on the sofa with a hot water bottle. Although I usually do, I know I should't feel guilty about having a duvet day every now and then.

Makeup is pretty much off the cards when I'm poorly; it will only end up smeared all over my face when my nose starts running and my eyes start watering anyway. When the rest of me just looks a bit shit I don't mind taking some time to paint my nails so at least I feel slightly put together. I would 100% recommend getting some sort of drying product like this one for your nails because the sooner they are dry the sooner you can get all snuggled up again. As I type I'm actually painting my nails a disgusting garish pink shade which I'm already regretting if I'm honest.

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So thats how I generally practise a little bit of self care when I'm poorly. If none of that is working I dose up on painkillers, cough sweets and nap the day away, which really isn't too difficult for me!

How do you guys will yourselves back to life when you're feeling a little under the weather? 

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