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You might have noticed I've been a little bit quiet on social media lately. I've still been posting here twice a week but I've not been updating Instagram regularly, nor have I been tweeting as much as I'd like. Some days I tweet like mad, I'll be constantly chatting rubbish, retweeting competitions, and advertising my own posts and then other days I won't even open the app.

I'm the same with Instagram too, sometimes I upload every day and then I can go a week without posting anything. I used to feel really guilty about this, I'm trying to build a brand and gain followers and I know that if I want to take blogging further I need to be on these platforms a lot, but I just don't have the commitment right now. I've been really trying hard with my 'Instagram theme' lately, its mostly pink with the occasional splash of forest green and honestly I'm in love with it. I've wasted so much of my time comparing my account to other big bloggers and it used to get me down but now I'm really happy with how it looks. 

So getting back to how quiet I've been lately on both platforms; Instagram is all about aesthetics, everything is meant to look good, and I get annoyed when I post a photo that doesn't go well with the rest of my theme. Not every part of my life is Instagram worthy and honestly I wouldn't want it to be either. My blog is my place to be a bit more raw, I want my Instagram to be more put together. I don't want to share everything I do online and I really I don't want to post bad quality photos just to get something up so if that means I only post once or twice a week, I'm okay with that.

I don't want my Twitter to be as polished as my Instagram but some days I just don't feel like tweeting or I wont have time. If I'm having a bad day I'm not going to pretend to be all happy online just to have some sort of presence. I've been told time and time again that I need to constantly be sharing my blog posts, bloglovin link and other social media platforms on twitter but really who can be arsed all the time? It's nice to get views but we all know blogging is so much more than getting clicks. 

A few months ago I was looking at making this my job. After getting one sponsored post I naively thought I'd be able to quit my job and dive head first into the world of blogging but its bloody hard work. Sometimes I just want to not worry about views and followers and networking and posting regularly. I need to remember that sometimes its okay to take a step back. As much as I love this little space on the internet I will not let it take over my life, I have much better things to be doing than constantly posting to my social media. I won't be giving up my blogging schedule any time soon as its took me a long time to get the motivation to post twice a week however if I do seem a little quiet on my other platforms, I'm not giving up I'm just taking a little break.

Does social media ever get a bit too much for you sometimes? I'd really love to know I'm not alone on this one..

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  1. Honestly, Grace, I'm the exact same with my social medias! I used to feel so bad not Tweeting or posting on IG but sometimes it's just not possible, there are some days that apart from work, I'm only actually awake for four hours beforehand and I don't feel like doing bloggy things, or it's more important for me to be typing posts than Tweeting shite online haha! It's really hard not to compare to other bloggers, I'm really happy with my theme but sometimes I'm like 'ugh why can't my white backgrounds match like so-and-so' and 'ugh why isn't my photo as crisp as this persons' and the worst, I find, has been makeup accounts, not the creative kind, more the airbrushed, overdrawn lip line & falsies everyday. There's nothing wrong with this but I often find myself feeling down about my overall looks :( I too find I want my IG to look perfect, my blog a place for me to be open and honest, and my Twitter is that space where I moan or happily announce something. I only post scheduled Tweets four times a day. It's so much effort to do in the first place, and I spend so much time asleep or at work and I'd hate my Twitter to become clogged up with constant promotional Tweets. At the moment I feel really down with social media. Twitter is constantly politics (and I know it's good that people are talking about it, and they should be, but obv the politics themselves are pretty miserable, never mind when everyone on your timeline is talking about it) and IG is leaving me uninspired. It's a tough one. And can I just say, congrats on your first sponsored post! That's defo a milestone and you've worked your butt off to get it! xx

    1. I just think its just a whole lot more work when we don't even really need to be doing it. Sometimes its good to get offline, even for a couple of hours really. I am bad at keeping everything updated but I don't always have a lot to say and don;t even get me started on how crap I am at replying to my messages on twitter!! 😂


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