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HELLO 2017

So I wasn't really sure what to write today. I didn't know whether to do a 2016 round up or talk about things I'm looking forward to in 2017 but its the start of a new year and I wanted to write something so I thought I'd do a bit of both. 2016 wasn't all that bad for me but it wasn't amazing either so I am excited to start a fresh new year. I hope you enjoy some photos from our NYE last night. We had a lovely meal, a couple of cocktails and we were snuggled up in bed by half one.

My 2016

My blog has taken me on some adventures this year. Although I struggled to keep up with writing posts at the start of the year, by summer I was lucky enough to be given my first sponsored blog post. I created the whole thing myself and I was really proud of it.

I was also invited to the Vuelio Blog Awards in November which was just the most amazing experience and I really hope I manage to bag a ticket next year too! You might have also seen if you follow me on social media that I was given a press pass for the Clothes Show which has been my dream since I started going a few years ago.

I finished my first year of university in 2016 and if you've read my 'Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To Uni' post, you'll know it wasn't that great. Between teachers leaving and my motivation being all over the place I just about got through the year, but I did finish it and I started my second year this September. The teaching quality has dramatically increased but my motivation is still a bit low so I'm really hoping to improve that this year.

2016 was a fab year for travel. I started it off with a 6 day trip to Barcelona in April with my Uni girls. It was honestly such an amazing trip and one that I know I will always treasure. I actually wrote two travel diaries about it when I started to get back into blogging which you can read about here and here.

The next month I flew to Rhodes with my family for a week of sunbathing and all inclusive cocktails. We hired a car which is something we've never done before and saw as much of the island as we could. I took in so much history that week and even though I haven't shown any of that holiday here it really was fab.

My last abroad holiday was in the summer with my Seany. We flew to Dublin for 4 days over my birthday and loved every second of it. We went to the Guinness Factory, took in a lot of very interesting Irish history at Kilmainham Gaol and had a tour of the huge Glasnevin Cemetery amongst other things. This is when we decided Dublin was the city for us and started our plans to move there not long afterwards. From Dublin we flew to Paris for 3 days to explore the city of love and have a little fun in our favourite place; Disneyland Paris. Although we didn't do as much as I would have liked I still enjoyed it.

My 2017

In 2017 I really want to push myself to keep up with blogging. Its a hobby I've been passionate about since 2013 when I started and it's something I always want to have. Although 2016 gave me some amazing experiences and opportunities I want to do even more this year. 

I post twice a week at the moment which is okay but I really want to start posting three or even four times if I get the chance. There just so much content I want to create and so much I want to talk about so I want to make this year the year that my blog really grows. 

I also want to start working with a lot more brands. Although I've been able to create content with some lovely companies already and I've got to try out some amazing products I want to do that so much more this year. If sponsored opportunities come along also well then that would be fab too!

This year I'll leave Uni. I could stay for a third year and get a full degree but honestly I've outgrown education and its just not for me anymore. I'm glad that I went but I'll be so happy to leave. I've spent a lot of time worrying and procrastinating about getting my work done and its started to really get me down. I'm excited to learn as much as I can in the next few months but once its all over I will be very relieved.

Hopefully this is the year me and Sean can make the big move to the Emerald Isle. We fell in love with Dublin and with all the uncertainty around Brexit I really just want to pack up and start a new in an EU country. When we voted to leave the European union my heart sank. I'd always had plans to live, work and travel freely all over Europe, I just love meeting people from all over. So when that all began to fall apart this summer I knew we needed to move soon. Sean has Irish grandparents so he already qualifies for citizenship however I don't so that's something I need to work on but honestly I cannot wait to start my new life with my Guinness loving boyfriend.

As we won't have much holiday money once we've moved out, me and Sean have decided to go inter-railing for at least two weeks in the summer. We know we wont have much spare cash when were living alone so we thought we should have one last big blowout holiday and see as many countries as possible. The list isn't final yet but were thinking Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

So that was a little round up of the main things I did in 2016 and my hopes and dreams for the coming year. I hope you all had a fab New Years Eve last night and I honestly wish you all the best for this year! 

Did you make any new years resolutions?

Thanks for reading!


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