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I'm lazy, it's a fact. It's not something I'm proud of but it does mean I try to find ways to make my everyday life easier. Beings as I spend a hell of a lot of time blogging I thought I would share my blogging hacks for lazy girls like me!

1. Keep photos - You never know when you might need a photo of a lipstick or a beautiful holiday shot. I never delete old blogging photographs as they might come in handy for a post later down the line!

2. Write titles and save them - I'll usually have an idea pop into my head and I cba to write about it then and there, so I just write down a rough title. I'll more than likely come back to write it later and this way I won't forget it.

3. Keep a blogging notebook - If you don't have access to your computer write your ideas down in a notebook or in your phone. I've covered this before but its important to remember your little bursts of inspiration.

4. Use your phone camera - Can't be bothered to get your good gear out or are you on the go? Just use your phone camera. The quality will probably be good enough and you won't be wasting time or missing out cause you're playing around with camera settings!

5. Make wishlists using specialised programs - I love making wishlists but sometimes it can get a bit tedious. Lately I've been using a program called Shop Style Collective. Not only does it let me put together really easy wishlists, it also tells me when a product is out of stock and lets me easily swap that product up for something similar!

6. List posts - Running short on blogging ideas? Write a list post...

7. Nail Polish Wheels - Want to review a new nail varnish but can't be arsed to paint your nails? Just paint these handy little things and everyone will think you are sooo professional.

8. Use RT Twitter Accounts - If you don't have time or a huge twitter following find some blogger retweet accounts to help share your tweets. Accounts such as @BloggersInTheUK@FemaleBloggerRT or @BloggerBees will retweet your blogging tweets to their followers so you can easily get more traffic to your blog. 

9. Buy Pretty Bedsheets - I can rarely be bothered to set up a nice background to take product photos on, I do however have a gorgeous selection of bedsheets. I simply place said product on top of my pretty bedsheets and it looks like I purposely chose a gorgeous floral background, or at least I think it does!

So those are my tips for lazy/ short of time bloggers. I hope these help all you lazy girlies out a little bit. If you have any hacks I'd love to hear them too!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is such a valuable post for me as I'm so incredibly lazy unfortunately ha! Thans for the tips, definitely need to purchase some more pretty bed sheets.
    The Pale Tails
    - Beckie x

    1. I'm really glad you found them helpful my lovely! I thought it was only far to share my lazy girl tips with you all ;) xx

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's lazy! the pretty bedding background is a go-to for me, I'm looking for a new one at the moment! Great post❤
    Aoife xo

    1. Literally the best idea going. I don't have time or money to find a marble slate for my photos haha xx

  3. This is such a perfect post, I'm so lazy haha! I bulk take photos when the lighting is good (this year I plan to do way more in the summer so I've less crap lighting haha) and whilst I take loads of photos for my Instagram alone, I find it can be helpful to flick through them to see if any inspire posts I'd like to write. I wish I could use my phone camera but the quality is just too poor compared to my DSLR now that I don't like the way it looks on my IG! Twitter tho it's fine, I don't mind using my phone! I love the bit about nail polish wheels - it's so true, it looks so much more professional haha! xx

    1. Literally the last few weeks I've hated posting phone photos on my instagram. I want it to look really pretty and neat and my phone just doesn't cut it anymore! xx


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