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So I'm back with another collaboration post with the lovely Amanda. In case you've missed it, for the last couple of months we've been working on posts all about high end and budget makeup! You can catch up on my last posts here and Amanda's last post here. So if you haven't guessed already this months post is all about Highlighter!

The product I've chosen to talk about is this absolutely incredible MAC highlighter in Lightscapade. This little beauty was a complete impulse buy at the airport back in April. I was dazzled by the selection of shimmery colours and also egged on by my friends who insisted I needed it. I boarded my plane around £20 lighter and excited to try out my new purchase.

As always lets chat about the price first. This sparkly little product comes in at £24 but as I bought it in Duty Free I managed to snap it up slightly cheaper. Honestly when I first bought this I thought it was quite expensive; I mean £20+ for a bit of sparkle? But after the lovely makeup counter girl covered my face in it I was sold and I still am months on. I purchased this wayyyy back at the start of April and I doubt Im even half way through it yet, I'm not stingy with it either. 

Now the quality of the product is as good as I would expect from MAC. It's fairly long lasting on the skin and I think it's quite buildable too. It's not creamy however, like a lot of other highlighters. My sister swears by a much cheaper Makeup Revolution highlighter that takes only a small amount of product to create a very visible highlight. This is the complete opposite of that, it's much more dusty. As I'm very pale I really don't mind that at all but if you're even slightly darker than me you might struggle to build the product up without looking like you have a white dust on your cheeks. I would always recommend trying it out in store before you purchase.

Another thing I just want to mention is that although the beautiful pastel colours are very clear in the product, they aren't so obvious when applied to the skin. I do manage to get a subtle glimmer of colour if I really build this up but thats worth thinking about before buying.

I normally talk about the packaging too in my reviews but honestly theres not much I can say about the standard sleek MAC packaging so I'm going to leave it here. Overall I'm literally in love with this product. Would I repurchase? Hell yes. I'm actually getting one for my sister for Xmas because even though her fave Makeup Revolution one does the job, even she couldn't resist the magic of this absolute beauty! You can pick one up yourself here.

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Do you have a Highlighter you can't live without? 

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  1. I'm pale too so I feel this would work well for me, even though I am in love with my MUA highlight!
    Charlotte //

    1. I honestly couldn't recommend it enough! xx

  2. It's actually stunning oh my God, I want it just to use it for photos Hahah! I'll need to keep my eye on this next time I'm going on holiday as I prefer to buy Mac via the duty free and £20 seems way more bearable than £24!xx

    1. It is pricey but honestly its amazing. If you get chance to grab one I would! xx


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