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So I'm posting this a day ahead of schedule which give you guys a chance to get ready and pick out your faves before the big day! Christmas is usually pretty hectic for Sean and I as we have to run between each others houses but we still make time for a little bit of fun and what could be more fun than a good drinking game with your friends and family?! I've rounded up some of the best Christmas themed drinking games for you all to play tomorrow night!

1. Santa Hat Drinking Game - This is pretty simple, you pop a santa hat on the corner of the tv and if it lines up with someones head on screen you all take a shot! Take two shots if it lines up with the Queens face during her speech! 

2. Who Am I Christmas Edition - For this game you need a load of post it notes and pens. Each person writes down a famous Christmas related person on their post it note and sticks it on the forehead of the person next to them. You can't know who is stuck on your forehead but everyone else can see. You take it in turns to ask the group yes / no questions until someone guesses who they are. You take a shot every time you guess wrong and at the end everyone but the winner has to take a shot too!

3. Christmas Playlist Drinking Game - Pop on a standard Christmas playlist. You have to actually listen to it though. Every time you hear the word Christmas you take a shot! You might want to get quite a lot of shots ready for this!

4. Vodka Gummy Bear Fluffy Bunny - Everyone knows the fluffy bunny game right? Well I'm going to change it slightly. Instead of stuffing your face with marshmallows you'll play with vodka gummy bears and instead of saying Fluffy Bunny you say Merry Christmas. Each person takes it in turns to put one vodka gummy in their mouth and say Merry Christmas the next person will then put one in their mouth and also say Merry Christmas. This keeps going until one by one people will stop being able to say Merry Christmas without dribbling. As long as you eat the bears you wont even need any alcohol after this one, trust me.

So those were some of the best Christmassy drinking games I can think of off the top of my head! I'd love to hear if you guys give any of these a go or if you have any other fun drinking games! Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter.

I hope you all have the absolute best Christmas!

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  1. I've never played any Christmas games actually, but I've done something similar to number two and love playing guessing games! Have a great Christmas :)


    1. I hope these gave you a few goos ideas then :) I also hope you had a lovely Christmas! xxx


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