Ten Reasons Why I Will Never Get Shit Faced At A Blogger Event Again

I'm writing this on the train home from London after a fab night at the Vuelio Blogger Awards. I'm ridiculously hungover and ready for my bed, but I have a couple of hours to kill so I thought I should make something positive out of the mess I was last night. I'm in the typical 'I'm never drinking again' mindset at the moment so I wanted to write down a few things to remind myself not to get white girl wasted next time I'm at a sophisticated social event. 

1. The more you drink the more you wee and you can't have fun when you're running off to the loo every 5 minutes.  

2. Everyone loves a free drink but let's be honest, no one wants to be seen as the person taking the piss completely. I'm 100% sure I was that person last night. 

3. I love wine however I do not love hiccups. 

4. I think my life is really interesting, hence why I share it online; but not everyone gives a shit. When I'm drunk I want to tell everyone all of the things and I don't realise how much rubbish is spilling out of my mouth until I see people running for the door! 

5. Being a Brummie is a pretty hard thing to hide at the best of times, but after a few drinks I get on a whole new level. I don't hate my accent but when I'm drunk it just sounds like I'm taking the piss and I can't turn it off. 

6. I lost most of the business cards people gave to me. I met so many lovely blogging girls that I'll probably struggle to find now as I've managed to misplace their cards! 

7. Blogging events are really fun but they are also great for networking and helping your blog grow. There's lots of important people at these events and really no one wants to come off as a binge drinker/ alcoholic to the SEO of an important company. I definitely managed to get that profile down to a T. 

8. Trying to get back to my hotel (it was deffo a hostel but whatever) in a city I'm not familiar with it is a little bit scary, but team that up with a bit of wine and I suddenly turn into a perfect target for a serial killer. 

9. I was sick. Whilst walking to my station, which was very definitely closed by that time I spewed my guts all over the pavement. It was literally so red I can't get over it. Unfortunately for me this happened next to a lad who had volunteered to walk me there as I didn't really know my way. He owns a business that works with bloggers and I'm sure I left a lasting impression, just not the one I was going for. 

10. Being in London is a nightmare but being in London with a hangover is so much worse. 

I've learned my lesson and hopefully next time I get invited to a nice event I will be a classy grown up woman who doesn't need to down champagne like theres no tomorrow! Did any of you guys get to go to the Blogger Awards?! 

Thanks for reading!


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