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You may remember a few weeks back me and Amanda each wrote about our favourite budget and high end foundations. Well this time we are talking all about the mascaras we can't get enough of at the moment! I had a few mascaras in mind for this post as it really is one of the main things I fork out on. I debated talking about my beloved Benefit Roller Lash or even my lesser used Hypnose from Lancome but I settled on my current Too Faced fave.

Better Than Sex is a blogger favourite so I had high hopes when I purchased the travel sized version a couple of months ago. On the packaging it claims to increase the volume of your lashes by 1944% - which I think is a little extreme - it also claims to be smudge proof which is much more realistic.

So lets start with the price. This is a more high end mascara so it is quite pricey but it is available in a travel size for anyone who doesn't want to fork out the full amount. I decided to try out the travel sized version first as I wasn't sure if I would like it. The smaller size comes in at around £10 and the full size is around £19.

Packaging is always a major factor for me when purchasing more expensive products and I quite like how this one looks. Although its pretty basic there is a luxurious feel to this product and the full sized version is even nicer with the text being embossed into the packaging instead of printed onto it like this one.

So what do I think of the mascara itself? The brush for starters isn't one I would normally go for, I usually prefer the plastic wands with very fine bristles, so not only do I get volume but I also get defined lashes. This brush is thicker than I prefer and the bristles are almost like a pipe cleaner, however they give my lashes an incredible amount of volume. I also feel that the curl they give my lashes almost rivals that of the roller lash and the solution itself is much easier to remove too. My only issue with this product is that I usually like to build layers of mascara up but after a few coats of this I find my lashes do start to clump a bit. This isn't too much of a problem as I tend to like the over done look, but I could see it being a problem for others who want to go for a more natural lash style.

All in all I'm pretty smitten with this product. It gives my beloved Roller Lash a run for its money and like I said before it is a hell of a lot easier to remove too. I won't hesitate to repurchase this when it runs out as it is honestly one of the best mascaras I've ever used! It is however not even slightly better than sex!

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  1. Great review! I'm the same I have a certain brush style I prefer for the job I want it to do, but I get what you mean about it clumping up a bit after layering it up, so I tend to use it more for when I'm going for a natural makeup look as opposed to my everyday makeup :D thanks for sharing this post :D


    1. Thank you my lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! xx

  2. You've defo convinced me to give this a wee shot, out of all the Too Faced mascaras I've always liked the look of this one the best, and I'm such a fan of volumising mascaras so it sounds up my street! I love that last statement too Hahah, defo a bold claim on Too Faced's part hahaha! Xx

    1. You honestly should give it a go! If you're unsure like I was, pick the travel sized one up! xx


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