Paris Travel Diary Days 2 + 3

So last week I posted about our first day in Paris and as the post was looking a little long I decided to split it in two. If you missed the first half of my Paris travel diary you can catch up on it here, this post is all about days 2 and 3!


Day 2 - On our second day we went to Disneyland! This was one of the only things we had actually planned in advance and something we were so so excited for! This was my 4th time and Sean's 2nd in Disney but do you think that took the shine off it at all? No it didn't! Although it was a bit of a trek; over an hour on 2 train journeys I was just so happy to be going back to one of my favourite places. 

I don't really know what to say about this day, we just spent hours running around jumping on all of our favourite rides and a few new ones too. I also bought another pair of Minnie Mouse ears which dug into my head like you wouldn't believe, however I smiled through the pain and enjoyed every second of my day!

We rode our fave rollercoasters, ate the famous hot dogs and watched the fireworks like we were 5 year olds again. The whole day was just brilliant and even though we were completely out of energy we stayed right up until the park closed at 11pm. Two hours later we were just arriving back at the hotel for one last night.

Day 3 - By day 3 we really were out of energy and ideas. I've never really been one for relaxing holidays but this week we had pushed ourselves to the absolute limit and had nothing left to give. We slept in for as long as our hotel would let us before checking out to wander the city once more.

Without really knowing what to do we headed towards the famous Paris Catacombs. We had heard so much online about them and after watching the film As Above So Below we really wanted to check them out for ourselves. Once we got there the queue was hours long and honestly we just didn't have the strength to stand. We weighed up our options for a bit before going over to Les Invalides which houses a military museum and the Tomb of Napoleon. I don't really know all the much about French history but it was fascinating to see the final resting place of someone who conquered so much of Europe. 

We still had so much time before our coach left on the night so again without really knowing what to do we went back towards the Eiffel Tower to have a picnic in one of the parks surrounding. We ate and relaxed and even fell asleep at one point in the late afternoon sun. Our time in Paris was almost over but all we wanted to do was climb into bed and nap for days. After a few hours of drifting in and out of consciousness it was time to pick the bags up from the hotel and catch our dreaded coach home. It would be another 20 hours before we finally arrived back in Birmingham but thats a story for another time!

There's a bit of me that feels like we kind of wasted our time here. There was so much we could have done but we were just too tired to function. Maybe one day we will get to come back to Paris but for now theres so much more of the world to see!

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  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I've been to Disney but never actually explored Paris so that is definitely something I'd love to do in the future!

    1. It really was lovely, I just wish I'd have made better use of my time there! xx


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