1 Month Vegetarian Challenge - 2 Weeks Meat Free

Yesterday I ate a Sausage Roll. And a Chicken sandwich. I managed to go meat free for a whole two weeks but honestly I couldn't hack it anymore. I've seen more veggie burgers in the last two weeks than anyone should ever have to witness in their life and I'm not doing it anymore.

The first week went really well. I scoffed down several veggie burgers, tried my hand at a meat free spaghetti bolognese and even ate my first vegetable curry but by week two I was running out of ideas and money to spend on expensive meat substitutes. 

What did I miss? - One of the hardest parts of the challenge was eating out. I eat in restaurants pretty regularly and watching everyone else munch down on their meaty meals while I could only eat veggies was pretty hard. Although I really enjoyed my Vegetable Biryani ( had it twice btw ) it just didn't beat my regular dish of Chicken Pakora. I also really missed eating burgers as its probably the thing me and Sean eat the most while dining out. We did make a trip to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the week but despite my Veggie Burger being full of flavour I easily could have ripped Sean's Classic Beef Burger out of his hands and wolfed it down in seconds.

What did I enjoy? - Me and my family go for a Carvery almost weekly and as I normally eat Turkey I thought I would be a bit stuck on what to pick instead. I didn't want just a meat free Carvery so I was delighted to see they had quite a selection of vegetarian alternatives! I opted for the Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Wellington which was actually full of flavour and even a little hot. The other thing I thoroughly enjoyed was my homemade meat free Spaghetti Bolognese. I replaced mince meat with vegetarian sausages and it actually tasted quite nice, even Sean enjoyed it and he's a big meat lover!

What is something I'm keen to try out? - Even though I'm quitting the veggie diet I'd still like to reduce my meat consumption and I'm quite interested in trying out more of the Quorn meat free range. I cooked a couple of Quorn escalopes last week and I was pretty amazed at how much they taste and even felt like chicken! I've already got a packet of 'chicken nuggets' to try out and I'd like to give some of their other products a go!

Did I eat healthier during the challenge? - One of the things I hoped to pick up from this challenge was a healthier diet. I wanted to cut out Mcdonalds, Chip Shop kebabs and other greasy fatty meals from my diet. Although I didn't visit Mcdonalds and I don't plan to any time soon, and I didn't grab a dirty Kebab from my local chippy I don't think I ate much healthier. I found myself snacking on more bags of crisps and cheese instead of sausage rolls and I even ordered a few vegetable based take aways. My diet does need changing but I don't think cutting out meat would really be the way to do it. The healthiest thing I ate in the last two weeks would probably be my vegetable stew which I cook anyway.

All in a I don't think the vegetarian life is for me. I do want to carry on eating less meat but cutting it out completely left me with very few options apart from pricey meat substitutes and pizza. My one month challenge was cut short but I'm happy I at least gave this lifestyle a good go!

Have you ever tried anything like this before?

Thanks for reading!



  1. That's so interesting because I've found the complete opposite. Eating meat free is saving me money and I'm making some delish meals. I haven't really been having things like veggie burgers (except one bean burger last night which I put on top of a portobello mushroom with roast cherry tomatoes halloumi and avocado) or meat free alternatives. I'm still eating fish though which makes life easier! Xxx

    1. You seem to have this whole thing down and your meal ideas are definitely more creative than mine haha! I do think meat alternatives are quite pricey so if you can skip those you'll probably carry saving money! x

  2. I've been wanting to go meat free but think I'll find it so difficult trying to make veggie meals every night! Will definitely check out the quorn range though. Would love if you could check out my recent post? X

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. I have enjoyed the last few Quorn things I've tried so I can really recommend them! x

  3. I think it's so fab you gave the vegetarian challenge a go, even if it wasn't 100% for you at least you're aware of that now and can amend your diet to fit what you want. I think I'd definitely be the same with cheese and crisps too haha ;) I know when I have limited meat then I'm always shaky with hunger which is no fun whatsoever! Your homemade meat-free spaghetti bolognese looks absolutely divine, I think I'd definitely end up living off that if I could make it as gorgeously good as you babe! ;) Good on you for giving it a good go Grace! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Its a shame really but I did give it a go! And thank you my lovely! I'm no Jamie Oliver if we're honest haha! xx

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