Miss Patisserie Rose Bath Shards

A few weeks back I was invited to the Miss Patisserie Event in Cardiff. I bought myself quite a few goodies while I was there, one of which was a pack of gorgeously scented Rose Bath Shards. I actually received a pack in the event goodie bag as well so I decided to chuck the lot in my bath and have a nice relax.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was just how strong the scent was. I have Lush bath products quite regularly and honestly nothing I've used yet was as noticeable as this. Once I started to crumble pieces into my bath the warm water further exaggerated the beautiful rose scent.

I found it hard to mix the crumbled pieces into the bath water so I decided to run them under the water instead which made the bath shards melt much easier. My bath water soon started to turn a murky purple/ grey colour which alone wouldn't have looked very appealing but paired with the rose petals it started to look quite inviting.

The consistency of the shards once melted was very similar to the Lush bath oils. Everything settled on the surface with the different shades of purple swirling around the create pretty patterns. As it was so oily I did find that it clung to my skin quite considerably and even after I got out of the bath a lather of purple slime was left on my skin. This wasn't a problem as I always shower after a bubble bath anyway however this was harder to get off than anything else I've ever bathed in before. It also really stuck the sides of my bath and took a hell of a lot of scrubbing to clean off! 

One positive with this product was that I found it perfect for sensitive skin. As you might know I suffer with bad eczema all over my body and sometimes using strong bath products makes this flair up. Although it won't necessarily be good for sensitive skin I didn't have any flair ups after using the Bath Shards.

Overall I did enjoy bathing with the Bath Shards however I wouldn't repurchase as they just made too much mess. 

Have you ever tried anything like this before?

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  1. This looks amazing and picturesque! But I can imagine that it'll take ages to clean the bath afterwards! xx Laura


  2. I haven't tried anything like this as I basically never have baths, but my mum loves this kind of thing! This website (I'd never actually heard of Miss Patisserie until you started talking about them on your blog!) sounds like the kind of thing that she'd like which means I'm going to be sorted for gifts in the future haha! Plus they seem really affordable. Other than the slime and bath residue, these do sound lovely. I love the scent of roses!

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, life

    1. They do some really nice things! I've never ordered from the website before but I'm pretty sure they offer free delivery! It honestly was a lovely bath but the mess was just too much :( xx


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