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This is my final Whittlebury Hall review post and its all about food. If you haven't read the other two yet you can find them here and here. Whilst on our Spa Break at Whittlebury Hall we ate three meals; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The first meal we ate was lunch which was scheduled for 2pm on our day of arrival. We rolled up to lunch around 20 minutes early but were seated straight away by a member of staff. Unlike our night time meal, lunch was presented as a 'help your self' buffet which I usually like when I stay at hotels as I can choose exactly what I want on my plate. 

There was a nice selection of cold food (Salad, CousCous, Cheese, Rice, Cold Meats and Dips ect.) which were all on one table in individual bowls. The hot food was on a central table which on our day consisted of Mushroom Ravioli, Fish, Baked Potatoes and Beef Chilli, none of which I actually like which was a shame. The final table featured Soup, Bread Rolls, Fruit and Yoghurt. Luckily for me today they were serving Potato and Leak Soup which is one of my all time favourite Soups and this one really was delicious! I wasn't overly impressed with lunch but I was very excited for dinner.

Our night time meal was served in a different room from Lunch and this one was much more luxurious. Our dinner was 3 courses and we had a nice selection of things to choose from, however little miss picky (me) really struggled with what to eat for my main. I was happy with my Soup Starter and I knew I wanted a Chocolate themed dessert but I didn't really fancy anything on the main meal section. I eventually picked the Stir Fry after being promised it was very mild, it wasn't. It was incredibly tasty but the spices blew my head off. Luckily a very helpful member of staff took my meal back to be remade without any fuss at all which was nice. 

So Dinner wasn't exactly perfect either but I had high hopes for my favourite meal, Breakfast. Breakfast was served in the same room as dinner but this time it was another buffet. We were seated very quickly again and our waitress bought over teas and coffee for each of us. I found that breakfast had a huge selection of things to choose from. You could either pick up a full english or grab some ham and cheese for a continental or a bit of each if thats what you fancied. One of my favourite things about breakfast was the selection of pastry items (Croissants, Pain Au Chocolats ect.) all of which were beautiful. I left Breakfast feeling very full and very happy that I finally found something I enjoyed!

There is only one other bad point that I want talk about and that is how slow the table service was once we were seated. At all three meals we had to wait for quite some time to have our plates cleared and on one occasion we actually had to move them ourselves as we wanted our next course. That's not something I would usually moan about but as it wasn't very busy the weekend we stayed I couldn't see why it was taking so long.

As you might have guessed I wasn't overly impressed with the food however that is mostly down to me being one of the pickiest eaters I know and no-one else with me had any complaints about the food. My Mom thought the food was delicious and was really impressed with the selection.  
If you love food I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems picking out some really tasty meals here however fussy eaters like myself will find it a little harder. With that being said I would return as I really enjoyed the overall experience. 

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  1. Gosh, I hate slow table service too... it's too bad the food didn't quite save the experience either!


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