Miss Patisserie Spring Event + Discount Code

Last Saturday I was invited down to the Miss Patisserie Spring Event in Cardiff to take a look at some new releases and sample some of their gorgeous products. I'd never been to Cardiff before so this really was the perfect chance to check out a new city and lust over some amazing goodies. I arrived at around 10am and after a quick dash to the loo (2hrs in the car without a service stop is not fun) I was given a brief tour of the shop. Everything in store was 100% Instagram ready and I honestly had to stop myself from posting 400 snaps of the place. 

One of the lovely girls quickly offered to demonstrate how a few of the new products worked, starting with one of their gorgeous Bath Shards. Unfortunately I never got a photograph but it can be used like a Bubble Bar; you just crumble it into you bath and mix it in. 

The next product I got to see in action was the Water Melon Sugar Scrub which smells absolutely incredible! I put a small amount on my hands, rubbed it into my skin as if I was using soap, I then rinsed it off under the water. Not only does it make your skin super smooth, it also leaves behind its glorious fruity scent. After washing my hands I tried out one of their Body Souffles which also comes in a range of beautiful fragrances. 

The last product I got to see in action was the Pink Clay Face Mask which I had seen online before the event and was curious as to how it worked. The face mask is actually a powder which you add water to to create a paste. You can then apply it like a normal face mask and wash away after 10 minutes or so. I really liked the idea of this product and thought it would be great for popping in your hand luggage when liquid restrictions are tight!

After testing some of the best selling stuff out I wandered around the store trying my hardest not to spend all of my student loan as everything was just so tempting! I did come away with a few goodies though so let me know if you would like a haul post!

I had a really fab time and met some gorgeous blogger girls, some of which I'd been following for quite a while. Right now you can get 10% off everything with the code GRACEBEE10 until June 30th 2016.

Have you bought anything from Miss Patisserie before?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh...it looks like delicious i can't wait to eat it now ,where can it???

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