Afternoon Tea With Mom

This year for moms birthday, instead of buying another box of chocolates or a bottle of wine that will sit unopened for months I treated her to Afternoon Tea at one of my favourite local hotels; The Ramada Solihull

I've stayed here a few times before with Sean for different occasions but we've never eaten in the restaurant, so when I found out they serve Afternoon Tea I booked us a table right away. 
We arrived a little bit early for our booking but were promptly seated and our finger sandwiches and chocolate treats followed soon after. 

We had the choice of Prawn, Egg and Cress and Cream Cheese and Cucumber sandwiches each served on white and brown bread. After we'd polished those off we started on the Strawberries, Amaretto Chocolates, Marshmallows and the Macaroons which came with a generous serving of dipping Chocolate. They were all tasty but the Strawberries were particularly delicious.

Now it was time for our Scones, which we just about had room for! They were served on a small square plate with more Jam and Clotted Cream than we could have ever eaten plus they were still warm from the oven which was a lovely touch.

I finished my pot of tea and mom her coffee and we left to do a spot of shopping. I really loved the whole thing and if mom enjoyed it even half as much as me she will have had an amazing time. 

I couldn't recommend going for Afternoon Tea at the Ramada in Solihull enough, it was very reasonable and between us we had 4 pots of hot drinks, all of which were included!

I'd really like to go again and if you have any recommendations of good places to have Afternoon Tea, please tweet me or let me know in the comments!

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