A Budget Homemade Gift

A couple of days ago I was on the hunt for some cheap last minute present ideas. I was really struggling for ideas until Paige Joanna linked me to an adorable DIY present she made last week. I loved the whole idea but I'm a terrible cook so I decided to create my own lazy girl version. Its a pretty simple idea but I'll run you through it.

What you'll need:
- A glass jar (mines from Poundland!)
- A Selection of sweets (Poundland again)
- Any decorations (Tags, Bows ect)

To make this little DIY sweetie jar I simply picked up a selection of sweets and counted an even amount of them into a a cute glass jar. I decided to choose wrapped sweets as I thought it would be less messy but you could use any type really.

Once I'd filled the jar I decided to add a cute little label and bow. I picked up a pack of various tags from The Works last week for just £1 but I'm sure they sell them everywhere this time of year. I just attached them with Sellotape, although I would have liked to tie the label around the lid but I couldn't find any string.

So this is the finished present. I decided to make another identical one so my parents could each have one to accompany their main presents. I think its a great little DIY gift for anyone short of time to buy anything. Its also super budget friendly costing just £3 for the jar and the sweets!

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!


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