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So me and Sean are heading down to London this weekend to celebrate 2 amazing years together! I've been thinking really hard about what to wear to dinner and for drinks on the Saturday night, and I think something like this will be perfect. 

I've actually already got the shoes and dress. I bought the shoes a few days ago and they were a total impulse buy! I was on the hunt for some heeled Chelsea boots and when I saw these beauties I had to have them. They were nothing like what I had planned to buy but they were in the sale so I treated myself.

The dress on the other hand I did actually need. I mean it's coming up to Christmas and I'm sure I'll be invited to loads of parties (yeah right) so I need a new dress. This cute little skater dress is from AX Paris and it was a complete bargain! It was originally £28 but it was in the sale for a tenner, amazing right? But being the bargain hunter I am, I found a 20% off code that brought it down to £8! Times are hard don't judge haha! 

Collage of pieces I've put together to create the perfect saturday night outfit
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Now for my bag I'm thinking of using a large black clutch like this one from Asos. I need something big enough to fit all my junk in but I don't want anything too bulky so I think something like this would be perfect!

As for the accessories I think a thin black or silver belt would go really well. With a dress that has such a loud print like this one I think you need a belt to break it up a bit and finish the look. 

Jewellery can make or break an outfit and I think going for something simple would be the best idea here. I've decided that a cute retro watch would finish the outfit off nicely. I've chosen this one from Asos but you can pick similar ones up on eBay for around £3.

So that's the sort of outfit I'm going to wear Saturday night, I hope you enjoyed reading through it. I'm so excited to spend the whole weekend in in London. Do you guys have any pubs or restaurants you would recommend? We're kind of stuck for where to eat and I'd love to hear about your favorite places!

Thanks for reading!

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