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Another month and another round up of beauty products! This months beauty favourites contains quite a few bits and bobs from the Glossyboxes I've been receiving over the last few months.

So here are the beauty items I've been loving throughout September...


1. Nivea 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water - I received this little beauty in last months Glossybox and I love it. I'm a bugger for leaving makeup on before I go to bed and getting this product has deffo encouraged me to take it off before I go to sleep. It takes my makeup off really easily and smells great too. It claims to cleanse, remove makeup and moisturize. Although I haven't noticed any difference in my dry skin it definitely does the first two.

2. Teeez Trend Cosmetics Flat Eyeshadow Brush - This is another Glossybox Product I use daily. When I first got this little brush I wasn't that impressed, it was really stiff and I just didn't like it. But since then my fave eye shadow brush died and I had to use this until I could purchase a new one. After using it a few times I realized how good it actually was and never went out to buy a new brush. Its a lot thicker than my other brushes which is why I love it and its softened up a bit since I first got it too.

3. Baylis & Harding Strawberries and cream hand lotion - This hand cream came in a gift set I bought in the sale after valentine's day this year. Its took me quite a while to get around to using it and now its almost gone. I love this cream so much. it smells amazing and it doesn't upset my eczema even though its very heavily scented.

4. L'Oreal Mythic Oil - Another Glossybox product surprise surprise. This also came in the September Glossybox and it is amazing. I used it virtually straight away and I couldn't have been happier. It smells so gorgeous and it's not greasy. It makes my hair look healthy and shiny without making it look like it hasn't been washed in a week, like some other oils.

I hope you enjoying reading through my September beauty Favorites!

What beauty products have you been loving recently?

Thanks for reading!

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