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Last night me and my sister went to the Moscow State Circus. I love the circus, and when I saw that two free tickets had been dropped off at work for us, I snapped them up. I've been to quite a few circuses before so I new what to expect, although this didn't make me any less excited. 

We arrived really early and managed to get some amazing grandstand seats, where we could see everything. I usually try to get ring side seats, but I'm so glad we chose to sit higher up this time as you get a much better view. 

A hand balancing act
3 juggling clowns
a group of circus actors climbing to stand on top of each other to create a human tower

The show started with what I guess you could call a clown, although he wasn't dressed as one, but he did act like one and came on every now and then to keep us distracted while the sets were being changed. I don't care much for clowns and I was much more interested in watching the more dangerous acts.

The first proper act to come on was a male gymnast who was amazing. I've seen this kind of act before but it never fails to amaze me.

a hula hoop girl spinning at least 5 hula hoops around herself
a circus act where the performer is suspended in the air

My favorite act was probably the acrobats. I just love watching them throw themselves around in the air without any care. Although they did fall a few times, they always landed on the netting, but it was still scary how close they dropped to the ground. 

Another amazing act was the hula hoop girl. I have no clue how she managed to keep all of the hoops up, there must have been at least 5 spinning around her.

We had such a great night watching all the acts. I hope another one comes out soon so I can take Sean to see it!

Have you been to see the Moscow State Circus?

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