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For Valentines Day Seany booked the most beautiful hotel in Birmingham for us. The little cutie got us a lovely room at the Radisson Blu hotel in the city center. He knew I'd always wanted to stay at 'the big blue hotel' and made sure I did.

We checked in just after 2pm, after an emergency stop at Primark for a black belt as I'd forgot to pack mine oops. We then went straight up to our beautiful room and admired the gorgeous view. The room was perfect. Me and Sean relaxed with a few cups of complimentary tea before taking a shower and getting ready to go for dinner. 

Two brown rucksacks in front of a large window. The smaller rucksack has multi coloured thread running through the body of it.
Our rucksacks in front of the view from the hotel room (I thought this was cute!)

view from our high balcony window. raindrops can be seen running down the pane and Birmingham city centre can be see past that
The view from our lovely hotel room at the Radisson Blu 

large bed with white and red bedding
Our super comfy bed for the night

two valentines day cards
Our cute valentines cards to each other

bathroom shelf with toiletries and face cloths
Hotel bathroom goodies (these always come home with me haha)

looking across the hotel room at the floor to ceiling windows
The floor to ceiling windows in our hotel room

a bouquet of 6 red roses
The beautiful bunch of roses I had bought for me

a close up shot of chunky chips with a spicy seasoning on top
Spicy chips at Handmade Burger

a close up shot of a large burger on a plate
My delicious burger

We had our Valentines dinner at Handmade Burger in the Bullring and it was delicious. We've never had a bad meal there but this was just amazing! I would 100% recommend eating there!

After dinner we made a little stop at Build a Bear Workshop and made our own teddy bears before heading back to our room.

Sean all dress up and sitting at the table in front of his food and drinks
All dressed up for dinner at Handmade Burger

myself all dressed up in a pink playsuit also sitting at the table in front of my food and drink
Also all dressed up for my Valentines meal

the multicoloured bear I made at the bear factory. its fur it mostly pink with hints of blue and purple throughout
The bear I made at the Bear Factory

Sean standing in front of the bear stuffing machine, with an assistant helping to fill his bear
Sean very excited to be making his own bear

When we got back I cracked open a couple bottles of wine and we sat looking out over Birmingham. I can't even begin to explain how lovely and relaxing it is just watching the world go by, especially when you can see for miles. 

Just before midnight we settled down to watch Bad Grandpa which is actually hilarious. We must have kept our neighbors awake with our laughing. After the film finished we decided to get some sleep but set our alarms for 7am so we could watch to sun rise over the city.

looking directly down on the busy road below
Looking down on the road from our hotel room

two full wine glasses on the window still with a candle burning behind them and a bottom of rose to the side
I wouldn't be valentines night without drinking wine in the candlelight now would it?

the view from the hotel window at night. the streets can be seen lit up with street lights and car lights
View from our hotel room at night

view from our hotel window as the sun was starting to rise. Birmingham city centre can be seen with the sun starting to rise above the clouds in the background
Looking out the window waiting for the sun to rise

At 7 we woke up and waited for the sunrise. I couldn't really get a good photo, but it was lovely. We had a couple more hours sleep before waking up for a yummy full English breakfast and check out.

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