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So guess what finally came in the post this morning?! Yep, they lovely MArc Jacobs Dot perfume i ordered last week. This wasn't the one i originally wanted. Originally I wanted Honey by Marc Jacobs, but when I tired them both in Duty Free last week I thought Dot smelt much nicer. I didn't want to pay the £56 price tag at the airport so as we were waiting to take off I had a quick look on Amazon and found it for the much better price of £42 and I ordered it then and there on the plane.

It came a little bit later than expected but when I opened the package I couldn't be disappointed. It came in a gorgeous black and red spotted box, and the perfume bottle itself is just fantastically designed.

I love the smell and everything about it, although this won't be an every day perfume and I will keep it for special occasions as I think it's slightly pricey. Overall I would definitely recommend it as both the scent and the bottle are gorgeous!

★ ★ ★ ★ 
A bottle of Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Marc Jacobs Dot £42 on Amazon

Some of the advertisements for Marc Jacobs Dot

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs perfumes? Do you have a favourite?

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