I've only gone and booked another holiday haven't I. Me and Seany are jetting off to Turkey in 29 days and I cant wait. I've mentioned it a couple times but I wanted to make a proper post with pictures of where we will be staying. I've been for Turkey a few times now but Sean hasn't and I'm so excited to show him all my favorite places.
Were staying at the Eos hotel in Bodrum, and although were going all inclusive i'm determined to spend most of our time exploring Turkey. 
I'm hoping we can go on a day trip to Kos while we are there too. I went a few years ago, and the ferry was so so cheap, and it was a great day out.
If anyone's ever stayed around the Bodrum/ Gumbet area I'd love to know your favorite places/ days out / bars ect!

Another Holiday Countdown

Perfect sunbathing day | A few more holiday clothes came | Finally got around to trying out this nail varnish from my Glossy Box | My holiday countdown (now 31 days)

I've been really really busy this week, and taking photos for Instagram has been the last thing on my mind , so this weeks round up is really small. I've been busy working, sorting things for my birthday and getting everything ready for my holiday. Hopefully next week I'll have a bit more time to capture my week!

Instagram | Week 35

Russian doll necklace £5 from the Moscow State Circus  |  Pony bracelet was made by me | Smokey Quartz necklace £3 from Tewksbury medieval festival market | Silver scrunchy from £1 from a craft fair | Yin Yang ring £7 Tewksbury medieval festival market

What I've Bought | Accessories

Okay so I know I said I wouldnt get getting any more Glossy Box's but I couldn't help myself. This months Glossy Box was America themed and I couldn't resist. So here what I got...

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Lipstick  - I was really excited when I found out I would be recieving a lipstick in this months Glossy Box. This brand is apparently an American favorite so I'm looking forward to using it.
ABSOLUTE New York Perfecting Eye shadow Primer - I've been after a primer for so so long and now I finally have one! I've used it a few times now and I'm really happy with it so far.
Carmex Lip Balm - I was so happy when I received this lip balm. I've heard nothing but good reviews about it and from using it a few times I can see why everyone raves about it!
Colour Club Glossy Seal - This shade of nail varnish was created specifically for Glossy Box and although I'm not the biggest fan of this colour, I'll still give it a go.
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes - I'm slightly disappointed that I've received another Mascara this month. I have one make of mascara that I always buy so this one will have to be amazing to top that. 

If you're thinking about buying a Glossy Box, you can sign up Here.

Glossy Box | July

Last Sunday, Me Mom Dad and Hannah all went to the medieval festival at Tewkesbury. I'd never been before and had one of Dads customers not mentioned it, we still wouldn't even know it existed.
Every year Tewkesbury hosts the largest medieval reenactment in Europe. Its a free event and it is huge! Thousands of traders and reenactment enthusiasts come together, with many camping over night in medieval style tents, wearing, eating and using only things that would have been available at the time. We spoke to people from all over Europe who had traveled miles to come to the event.
The festival is based around a famous battle that occurred here in 1471 between the house's of York and Lancaster during the War of the Roses.
There were all sorts of things happening throughout the day, however the thing we were most excited for was the battle reenactment. Many of the enthusiasts gear up and reenact the battle, and believe me they really go for it. Both sides, armed with guns, bows and arrows and swords charge at each other 'killing' and 'wounding' as they gain ground for their side.
The battle really was amazing as the closest I've ever got to anything like it is through watching Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed the whole day out and would definitely go back again next year!

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2014

My June Glossy Box | My provitional finally came! | New yin yang ring | A fight at the tewksbury medieval festival | New Smokey quartz necklace | Pretty new flamingo bikini | Little night out selfie | New new bargain £15 dress | The best lip balm in the world 

Instagram | Week 34

I just wanted to introduce you all to my new online store, Opal Grace. We sell all sorts of handmade and vintage items sourced from all over the world. We are only small right now but over the summer I'm hoping I can expand the store to sell more than just jewellery.
You can find the store here at opalgrace.bigcartel.com


1. QV Cream - As you might know I suffer with very bad dry skin / eczema. Its really difficult for me to keep my skin soft and even harder to find a cream that works and that I can put on my face. A lot of the creams I use to keep the dry skin away are too harsh to use on my face but this one is perfect. This cream isn't greasy and sometimes I even apply it under my foundation before I go out.

2. Clean On Me by Soap & Glory - I've actually been using this shower gel since Christmas as I received a few as presents. This shower gel is definitely one of the best I've ever used as it smells gorgeous and isn't too harsh on my skin.

3. Chloe Perfume - I received this perfume for my birthday off my mom one year as she accidentally got the wrong one. At the time I was disappointed, but after using it for a while I soon learned to love it and I've been buying it ever since. I usually reserve this perfume for holidays so whenever I spray it, it reminds me of going away.

4.Collection 2000 Pressed Power - I am absolutely in love with this foundation. Its the perfect top layer over liquid foundation and at around £2 it really is a bargain. I've been using it for a while now and I will never buy any other brand.

Monthly Beauty Favorites | June

Is been quite a while since I did a giveaway on this blog, and I figured you guys deserve a little something for putting up with my ramblings. I've decided to give away a mini coin and tassel necklace from Asos. This little necklace is perfect for summer and even comes in its own jewellery box. This is a world wide giveaway so anyone from anywhere can enter!
Now here's the rules : 
- You have to be following my Blog via Bloglovin.
For extra entries you can : 
- Follow me on twitter
- Tweet about the competition
-Leave a comment
Enter using the widget below

GIVEAWAY | Asos Mini Tassel Necklace

Sean treated me to some new lipstick | Free milkshake in town | My amazing new fringe bag from H&M | The hotel I'm going to in 44 days | Mom bought me a new kimono for my holidays | Pheonix bath bomb from LUSH | New Russian doll necklace from the circus | We went to the Moscow State Circus | My £1 bargain scrunchie

Instagram | Week 33

Last night me and my sister went to the Moscow State Circus. I love the circus, and when I saw that two free tickets had been dropped off at work for us, I snapped them up. I've been to quite a few circus's before so I new what to expect, although this didn't make me any less excited. 
We arrived really early and managed to get some amazing grand stand seats, where we could see everything. I usually try to get ring side seats, but I'm so glad we chose to sit higher up this time as you get a much better view. 
The show started with what I guess you could call a clown, although he wasn't dressed as one, but he did act like one and came on every now and then to keep us distracted while the sets were being changed. I don't care much for clowns and I was much more interested in watching the more dangerous acts.
The first proper act to come on was a male gymnast who was amazing. I've seen this kind of act before but it never fails to amaze me.
My favorite act was probably the acrobats. I just love watching them throw themselves around in the air without any care. Although they did fall a few times, they always landed on the netting, but it was still scary how close they dropped to the ground. 
Another amazing act was the hoola hoop girl. I have no clue how she managed to keep all of the hoops up, there must have been at least 5 spinning around her.
We had such a great night watching all the acts. I hope another one comes out soon so I can take Sean to see it!

Moscow State Circus 11.7.14

A few days ago I picked up yet another Lush bath bomb. I'm becoming addicted to these things but that's not a problem. I decided to buy the Space Girl bath bomb as it was just so sparkly and girly and smelt amazing. 
I tried the bath bomb out the other day and really enjoyed it. When I first put it in the bath it fizzed around a lot leaving glittery trails of red and purple behind it. It fizzed out quicker than I would have liked but I was more than happy to jump in my now very pink very glittery bath.
 The bath bomb made the whole room smell gorgeous and I would really recommend you all give this one a go. Over all I loved this bath bomb and I would give it a 9/10.

Review | Space Girl Bath Bomb LUSH

New beach book | A gorgeous Costa milkshake | My pink bath from the LUSH Space Girl bath bomb | The new Turkey countdown begins | My amazing new unicorn top from Asos | I can finally start sorting driving lessons out! | A yummy well deserved hot chocolate | My new jewellery dish | My new white jelly shoes

Instagram | Week 32

Its that time again! I'm still saving super hard and I'm slowly but surely saving up. I've added lots more stuff to my eBay in a few different sizes, so get bidding! I've listed loads of new things from River Island, New Look, Peacocks, Fiorelli and more. If your interested you can find my eBay page HERE!


1. Asos £16 | 2. H&M sale £7 | 3. eBay £5.99 | 4. Asos £14

What I Bought | 3.7.14

I recently treated myself to this new nail varnish. I wanted something bright and summery and thought this gorgeous colour was perfect. I loved the speckled effect and had really high hopes for this nail varnish.  
I first tried it out a couple days ago and I was actually quite disappointed. The varnish was thick and gloopy and hard to apply evenly. I found it difficult to apply to the edges of my nails as the solution was just so thick. Eventually I managed to paint my nails and they looked okay, nothing special, but okay. I still loved the colour and and I liked the texture of the little bits on my nails. Fast forward a few hours and I had noticed that it had already started chipping. I'd only applied the nail varnish a couple of hours before and already there were big chunks where it had come off. By the end of the first day the chips were fairly noticeable and I was no longer in love with my new nail varnish.
I was really disappointed with the whole thing, and expected more from such a good cosmetics brand. Next time I think I will apply a top coat too see if this helps. Over all I would not recommend this nail varnish and give it a 3/10. 

Review | Maybelline Colour Show #246

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