Sean bought me the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette ages ago. I mean literally months ago. I didn't want to use it properly until I created some content around it and now I've finally done just that! Here are some swatches and my initial thoughts about this incredible hyped up highlight palette!

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After playing around in the snow all day Sean and I decided it was about time to give our room a festive vibe. We are well into the Christmas season now and despite the rest of my house being fully decorated, we just hadn't got around to doing our bedroom up! Heres a little vid of us jazzing up our room with a bit of a room tour thrown in the mix too. Enjoy!

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So you might have already seen it but on Saturday Sean and I had such a fun day in the snow! I honestly can't remember the last time we had enough snow to actually do anything with so we made the most of it! Despite the cold we had a really really good time and I just had to capture it all on film!

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A few days back I published a blog post full of photos from mine and Sean's day in Ludlow. As always I recorded quite a bit of footage but I just didn't have the time to put it together until now! We had a fab day wandering around the town and the castle, I hope it shows :) 

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A couple of days back I posted some photos from the lovely evening Sean and I had at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I didn't have enough time to edit the vlog footage to be posted with the photos but now I've finally put it all together! I hope this give you all a good idea of how lovely the night was!

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A few weeks back I decided to book myself in for a personal shopper appointment at the Birmingham Bullring Topshop store. I really wanted some new pieces for my birthday and I loved the idea of having a stylist pick out things just for me!

I booked in with Charlotte who is the bubbliest friendliest girl you could ever hope to be styled by. We exchanged a few emails the week before the appointment in which I told her my dress size, what kind of things I wanted to try, and who my style inspiration was. Sometimes there is space for you to drop in for an appointment on the day but I think I much prefer talking to the stylist beforehand as is allows them to get a feel for the kind of clothes you like. It also means when you arrive for your appointment there is a rack full of clothes, shoes and accessories already waiting for you to try on!

When I arrived Charlotte firstly talked me through the pieces, many of which had arrived new in that morning. She showed me how she would style them with other pieces on the rack and suggested how I could style them with pieces I already owned.

I then began to try things on. There were quite a few things on the rack that I would never ever pick out myself. I've become quite stuck in my ways and tend not to veer too far away from what I'm comfortable in, however I absolutely fell in love with some of the pieces and next time I go shopping I will definitely try on things I wouldn't usually.

After trying on a few bits, swapping up sizes, and trying on some other pieces Charlotte suggested we take a walk around the shop together. I picked anything and everything that took my fancy and Charlotte also picked up some things she thought I might like. One thing I will mention at this point was that as I'm a bit larger (I range from a size 14 - 18 in Topshop sizes) there wasn't really much on the racks that fit me. I could order things online but that unfortunatly meant I couldn't try them on for the appointment. I really hope Topshop looks into stocking bigger sizes in the future as us chunky girlies want to look fab too!

Once I had finished trying things on, an hour and a half had passed and I was ready to pay for my purchases. As I said in the video, I didn't feel pressured at all to buy anything which is something a lot of people have asked me. I did end up spending more than I normally would on a shopping trip but I set myself a budget for the day and I didn't even get close to that. 

So would I book in for another appointment in the future? 100% yes! The whole experience made me feel like a VIP and did I mention it was free?! I'm not sure where else you would get to spend a few hours with a stylist and pay absolutely nothing! I came away with some gorgeous new pieces for my wardrobe and a new perspective on what suits my body type.

Have you had a personal shopper appointment at Topshop before?

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So here is the second part of our amazing trip to Disneyland Paris. I can't believe it was almost a month ago now that we were living the dream! We honestly had the best time and I can't wait to go back! Me and Sean are planning to go back for halloween but in the meantime I'll be returning next week with my family who have never been before! 

I really hope you've all enjoyed watching my Disneyland vlogs as I plan to make so many more! I'd love to get some feedback on them too as I always want my content to be the best it can be!

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So as I'm sure you guys already know, me and Sean spent an amazing 6 days in our favourite place on earth. Its the longest time we've ever spent in the park in one go and we had an absolutely amazing time. I've wanted to start vlogging for years now but I never really had the confidence until recently and so I decided to film all of our fab break away. I might seem a little nervous, thats because I am, ut I'm hoping that will improve with time!

This is just part one of my mega long vlog so don't forget to keep a look out for part two which I will be uploading very soon!

I would love to hear any thoughts or feedback on this video by the way. I really want to start putting more time into youtube so if you guys would like to see more of this kind of thing please let me know.

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I'm finally back with another video! I've been collecting things for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was about time I gathered it all together and filmed a haul. The majority of things I purchased were for the Vuelio Blog Awards in London a few weeks back which you can read all about here

I'm really starting to enjoy making videos now and even though I'm still a little more timid than I'd like, I'm quite happy with this video. I have a lot to work on and I could probably do with investing in some equipment but I am going to try and keep regularly uploading!

Shop The Post

I haven't been able to track down all of the items I've featured so I've popped in similar products where I can. If you are lucky you might be able to find some of the sold out items in store. Just a side note, incase you were wondering why my Blog awards dress still has the tags on, this is because the dress I actually wore is in the wash but I ordered another size aswell so I've shown that here. Don't worry I'm not the kind to wear something, leave the tags on and send it back!

Please let me know if you want to keep seeing videos like this or if you any suggestions for other videos you'd like me to make!

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So I finally got around to filming a video! I know it's a little out of focus and I probably come across more timid than I actually am but it's done and I hope it's the first of many! Like I said in the video this isn't me showing off the freebies I get, I very rarely get sent blogger mail so I really had to save this lot up!

Products featured:

Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub - Like I said in the video I have been dying to try out a coffee scrub forever but I've just never got around to it. This little beauty is cruelty free, vegan friendly and contains no parabens which is always good. This scrub is meant to help with rough/ dry skin, stretch marks, and cellulite so I will definitely be putting it to the test! It retails at £14.95 for a 220g packet.

Lloyds Pharmacy Body Care Oil - This lightly scented oil helps prevent the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It is allergen free and enriched with Vitamin F which improves skin regeneration. As I'm a little chunky I have several areas covered in stretch marks so I will definitely be putting this oil to the test! It retails at £5.99 for 125ml product.

Weleda Skin Food - I was absolutely gutted I couldn't make it to the Weleda London Fashion Week party but the wonderful PR team sent me out some Skin Food anyway which was lovely of them. Skin Food soothes and helps restore dry and damaged skin with its gentle formula. It is free of synthetic preservants, fragrances, and colourants. It retails between £4 - £10 depending on product size.

Kiy-oshi Eyelash And Eyebrow Enhancer Serums - I've had these in my 'to blog' box for quite a while now but I'm determined to start using it in the next few days! The serums claim to increase the growth, thickness and depth of colour of eyelashes and eyebrows within just 4 weeks! These are quite pricey, retailing at £25 each.

The White Company Vervine Hand Wash & Hand Cream - Like I said, these aren't technically blogger mail as I picked them up at an event, but I don't often get sent things so I thought I may as well include them to bulk the haul up a bit! These beautifully scented products are both kind to skin and and moisturising. They retail at £25 for the pair.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video! Let me know if you want to see more of me on youtube and I'll try to get over my camera shyness for you!

Thanks so much for watching!


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