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Of all the fancy little handbags I own, nothing makes me happier than chucking on my battered and bruised backpack ready for my next adventure. I don't think I will ever bin that little beauty, after all its visited more countries than the average person has! But I'm not going to talk about that beat up rucksack today, nope, I'm going to share exactly what I fill it with!

So what is in my travel bag?

Camera - I would honestly rather leave my purse at home than leave my camera. For me a big part of travelling is capturing my memories and I know a lot of people say you 'should live in the moment' but I'm a firm believer that you can do both. Now there are so many different cameras on the market so it's important to do your research before making any purchases. One camera that recently came to my attention is the fairly new Lumix mirrorless camera from Panasonic. It features the best image quality of all the Lumix cameras, the ability to capture slow motion video, and can record 4k video too making it ideal for vloggers. It also has Wifi which is something I think we can all agree modern cameras should have.

Spare SD card & Tripod - So what's the use in having a banging camera if you don't have the necessary accessories? I will always take at least one spare memory card away with me just incase I fill the first one or, worst comes to worst, I somehow break it. I wouldn't purchase anything less than a 16gb memory card if I'm honest, that way you can snap away without worry.

I've also been using my baby tripod a lot more recently. I have a full sized tripod but it's no good for travelling. When I'm out and about I like to take my minature one which can quite comfortably fit in the bottom of my rucksack. This teenie tripod came in especially handy last week while on my solo trip as it meant I could easily take full length photographs of myself and even use it as a more sturdy selfie stick - would recommend!

Headphones - Does this even need an explanation? Bored? Pop your headphones in and listen to the sweet music you likely downloaded in a hurry the night before. Worried that strangers might talk to you? - Pop your headphones in. Desperately need to watch cat videos? Headphones in!

Plasters - Again an obvious one but one everyone seems to forget? I am the blister queen which means I'm a plaster hoarder. I'll take about 7 different types away with me just incase!

Portable Phone charger - Live on instagram like me? For Christs sake invest in a portable phone charger. That way you can scroll to your heart's content and still have enough battery to load up your boarding pass at the gate!

Lip Balm - Okay so I'll likely take a minimized version of my make up kit but I could go without all of that as long as I had a decent lip balm. It doesn't matter where in the world you're going, you need to keep them lips looking lush. No-one wants dry cracked lips in their holiday photos, am I right girls? I would strongly recommend picking up a lip balm with SPF in it, even if you're going on a staycation in the UK, we do occasionally get sunlight too!

Document wallet - I have a little A6 sized document wallet that comes on all of my travels with me. It just makes it easy to have everything I need in one place and I'll always check its firmly inside my bag before heading off. What do I keep inside you ask? Well I'll pop in my passport, travel insurance certificate, hotel details, flight details, any tickets I've purchased, and the life saving EHIC card. For anyone unsure an EHIC is a European Health Insurance Card which entitles you to free healthcare in Europe, for now...

Sanitary towels - Better to be safe than sorry!

Medication - Boring I know but I will always have a stash of medical goodies. You can guarantee I'll have a selection of paracetamol, diarrhea tablets, heartburn tablets, and maybe more depending on which mystery illness I'm suffering from at that time.

A pair of pants and socks - You know the 'take enough pairs to piss yourself twice a day' rule? Well I take it very seriously. Not only will I have 17 pairs of pants in my case for a 3 days break, I will also keep another spare pair in my hand luggage. Honestly I'm probably not going to have an accidental wee, but there's every chance my suitcase could get lost and I would like to have some clean undies for the next day.

So that's what I cram into my very worn, slightly falling apart, hand luggage bag. What do you always take on your adventures with you? Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

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