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As I'm writing this I've got the heating on full blast and a cuppa on the side, winter is here and it's bloody chilly. I spend most of my life being being cold and uncomfortable, even in the heights of summer I still get goosebumps so when this time of year rolls around I need to gear up.

In the last few weeks I've invested in numerous jumpers, brushed cotton bed sheets, pyjamas, and even a few thermal pieces in in a bid to try and stay toasty through the winter months. If I could strap a hot water bottle to my body permanently I would.

The temperature has plummeted lately and I've been virtually living in my snuggly pyjamas. The second I get in from work its off with my clothes and straight into my comfies. I actually think it's really weird that anyone would want to chill around their house in outdoor clothes, I'm all about comfort.

I've not counted but I would take a guess and say that I have as many pairs of pajamas as I do normal clothes and I'm 100% okay with that. I've been wearing my fluffy Hunkemoller pyjamas the most in the last few weeks and they really do keep me warm. I was kindly gifted a pair of pyjamas of my own choice from the site and whilst there were so many super cute options I chose the thickest snugglist set I could.

My set is actually fluffy pyjama bottoms and a fluffy zip up hoodie. I don't know if most people would sleep in a hoodie but I do and it keeps me very toasty. I do wear a plain black vest underneath but I guess you don't really need to. I've been wearing the new set practically nonstop and it's safe to say I'm a big fan. That being said I do think it's a bit pricey. The bottoms retail at £19 and the hoodie top sells for £34.

I'm not sure if I would be able to drop this sort of money on pyjamas again anytime soon but I do love the cute winter print and the super snuggly material they are made from. They've certainly kept me cosy in recent weeks and will continue to do so until they are old and worn like most of my other sets.

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* The pyjama set was kindly gifted to me however all opinions are my own.

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