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I did it. I joined the instagram club and took myself off to do a photoshoot with some pumpkins. I'm not even sorry, I actually enjoyed it. Okay so it wasn't the cute little pumpkin patch I imagined it to be but I had a lot of fun and took some fab photos with my pals and my friends little girl. Its her first Halloween so we had to do something special! I enjoyed it so much I'd happily go 'Pumpkin picking' again next year, even if they are already picked for you ha!

Since the start of October when photos of perfect girls holding perfectly round pumpkins started to appear on my timeline, I knew I had to get in on the action. It wasn't all that easy to find a pumpkin patch in the Midlands though, there doesn't seem to be that many at all. After what seemed like hours we did eventually track down Pumpkins R Us just down the road in Kenilworth. I'm not sure how you'd get here without a car as it's out in the stick but lucky for me most of my friends drive!

It's not the prettiest place for a photoshoot I'll admit, but do you think that stopped us from taking 4000 snaps? Spoiler - it didn't. And we weren't the only ones. There were dozens of parents carefully placing their children and even new born babies on top of various sized pumpkins just to get that special shot. I would usually judge parents for doing weird shit like that but it's exactly what we went there to do. I also made my friends take a million photos of me too, I mean if you don't put it on instagram did it even happen? 

In between our mini photoshoots we did actually pick up a few pumpkins. As tempting as it was to go for a giant one we were all very boring a chose a nice selection of teeny weenie pumpkins that will probably take us about 5 minutes to carve. I also picked up the cutest striped pumpkin and Sophie grabbed a handful of miniature ones for the baby. I think she was pretty chuffed with her little pumpkin haul even though I'm sure she had absolutely no clue what was going on.

If you just can't resist doing a little autumn photoshoot of your own, Pumpkins R Us are open from 10am until 7pm everyday, but be warned it gets really busy. We arrived around midday on sunday and by that time it was already rammed! I do think it's well worth a taking trip this halloween though. Whether you've got kids or not it's a bit more fun than rummaging through a supermarket crate trying to find the least bruised pumpkin in the pile!

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  1. Omg how strange I was there when you were sat taking pictures in the pumpkins! Nice to find a fellow blogging gal! Such a cute place to visit for Halloween isn’t it! Love your coat girl!

    Isobel x

  2. Fajne zdjęcia. Już niedługo Halloween! Ja w tamtym roku przyrządziłem dynie i mini bal z moją Mamą xD Mój wujek gdy był mały też stroił dom a moja Ciocia nie. Proszę, zajrzyj do mnie:

  3. cute photos! i recently went to a pumpkin patch too, they are fun. and i love the fur coat.


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