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Back in June I wrote down some goals I hoped to achieve by November. Well its January now so its about time I looked back over my goals to see what I achieved in the months since finishing up with university. 

My first goal was to graduate with a Merit. Maybe I should have set my sights higher but by the end of my first year I was just passing my course so a Merit would have been fab. Towards the end of my course however I put a lot more effort into my work and I completely smashed my goal! I finally graduated in November with a Distinction in HND Photography and I couldn't have been happier.

My second aim was to to move out. Well I'm sure you all know how this one ended! I'm still saving to move out with Sean only this time we are scraping together for a mortgage deposit. That's going to take us the best part of two years so don't hold your breath on me moving out anytime soon!

My third goal was to get some driving lessons. I've been putting this off for years now, its honestly getting silly. That being said, I'm really scared of being in cars, vehicles in general really since I was involved in a couple of incidents a few years back. I do still want to learn to drive, I just have to get over my fears first.

Another goal I set myself was to get a full time job. This is definitely still a work in progress unfortunatly. I've applied for a few jobs with no success, social media roles are quite competitive, but I haven't given up. I'm still working in retail for now but hopefully, with a bit of luck and a few decent cover letters to the right people, I'll be in full time employment soon!

My final goal was to visit a new country! I smashed this one too! Back in September Sean and I took a trip around Europe visiting 6 countries, 5 of which I'd never set foot in before. I think I'm going to aim to visit a new country every year from now on because you just can't beat visiting a new place.

So I managed to hit 2 out of 5 goals. Its not bad but its definitely not great. I do think setting manageable targets for yourself is such a good idea though, even if they are quite small as its such a good feeling to tick off something you really want to do!

What are your goals right now?

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