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So I never really got into Hairspray the film, and when I say I never got into it I mean I never watched it. In fact I actively avoided it. Something about it just really didn’t appeal to me and I don't know why. Not even Zac Efron could tempt me into watching what I assumed would just be another cheesy musical.

So when I received an invitation to the opening night showing of Hairspray at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre I was unsure. I’ve seen a lot of stage shows in my time and if I’m honest there are very few that I didn’t like; I can’t actually think of any right now that I didn’t enjoy. So with that in mind, I accepted the invite and ignored any reservations I might have had about the show, and I am so glad I did. 

Now I’m no art critic, far from it, but I know what I like and this, I loved. Everything from the stage backdrops to the amazing costumes, and the dancing was just fab. Don’t even get me started on the incredible voices of the actors, there was literally not one average singer on that stage. I will say the older ladies definitely stole the show when it came to the big notes though. 

As for the story, it was all about self love and civil rights. I’m always rooting for the underdog, and being a big girl myself I really appreciated the body positivity. I left that night feeling fantastic. Equality for all is also a huge part of the show and I think one of the reasons both the production and film did so well is because unfortunately the same messages that were being pushed back in the 60s are still very relevant today. We are still not where we need to be in terms of equality.

When it’s comes to my favourite character that’s quite hard to pick but let’s be honest, we always have one. I really want to say the main character Tracey Turnblad was my favourite, her voice and mannerisms after all were spot on but nope, my winner was her BFF. Penny, the squeaky, geeky friend brought together everything I love about theatre and I really enjoyed her performance. 

So a cheesy musical it might be, but I can now understand the cult status behind the show. I doubt I’ll be watching the movie anytime soon but the good messages and general positive vibes have stayed with me days after watching the production and to me that’s a sign of a good stage show. 

Have you seen Hairspray yet?

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